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More Deletions on the CIFL Board

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 11:59 pm
by WorcShark
Was in the Stallions Forum on the official CIFL Site.
Perhaps instead of deleting what people already have read (and like me saved), you should answer to it instead of acting like its a cover up?

This was deleted twice:

This will eventually get deleted from this message board, and I will be banned. But I am tired of reading this BS from people not in the know. D-lo and Justin betrayed this team. Getteys stole, and D-Lo vanished, period. Owners spend money to make money, someone forgot to tell them that. They just thought they made money. Kris, sometimes here, sometimes not.

Coach Rychel put in more money to this team than the wonderful D-lo brown. I must sincerely apologize to Coach Rychel. I AM the head coach of this team. I decided to resign so I could play with my guys because we DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH. But * hit the fan, and Coach Raychel is stuck with the HC title. All he wanted to do was VOLUNTEER his TIME. Not his MONEY!! But he was sooooo damn committed to seeing this thing out he did what he thought was needed to make it go until the end. Corey is in the same boat. I didn't see ANYONE else jumping up after money was missing and anyone who cared knew this team was in a tail spin, and say YES I WANT TO BE THE GM OF A FAILING TEAM AND ORGINIZATION!!!!! But Cory did. Wanted to see it go until the end. He mended may burnt bridges, and made some good contacts.

The players got screwed. Would you show up to work KNOWING damn well you were not going to be paid? Hell no!! Especially a collision sport like indoor football. But yet we STILL had 10-13 core group of players that showed up week in and week out to play for free. And the icing on the cake, go play without any insurance. Man I bet we could get 500 people to tryout next year using that as a marketing tool. Even IF MY players wanted to play last weekend in Marion, without insurance, I would have never allowed it, at least not with me present. People have lives, jobs, and families, and to sacrifice your LIVE to satisfy Kevin Keller you nutz!!!! I want to win just as much as the next guy, put not at the expense of players lives outside of football. Kill me but I have a conscious, I dont just see dollar signs.

The rest of the staff and organization was screwed by Mr. Keller AGAIN. Jeff and Eric are truly good people and run a good league. They will learn from their mistakes. And hopefully the learn from putting an incompetent a-hole like Keller as the "voice of the league" or the PR guy. I got my pee pee slapped by Keller when we didn't show up to Stubenville, and he put out a "press release". His version of the facts were far from truthful. So I did what any good coach would do, I stood up for my players, and sent out my own press release. Apparently Mr. Keller did not like that. Why? Because my release was nothing but facts supported with a chronological order (thats a time line Kevin...FYI) of dates and times and people I spoke with. Mr. Keller thought I "pulled the rug out from under the leagues feet" to enable him to send out a retraction or a correction. Well if you release FACTS you don't need a retraction. If you quote someone, DONT MAKE IT UP!!!!!! If the ownership steals money, and the team is struggling, don't throw the players and staff under the bus, throw the OWNERS. How many other coaches in this league have to wash and dry the players uniforms? Rychel did it, Corey did it, I did it. We also pick all of em up after games (nasty sweaty pants), hauled equipment around everywhere, Bought the team socks, belts, wrist coaches, wrist bands, and gloves. Why? Because we felt like our guys deserved SOMETHING, and they weren't getting it from any of the three amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this Marion mess. They are a class team and organization, and what happened is a shame. But I am reading all these posts. It appears that the league was notified on Thursday that we were not going to make it. I have also read on here that Marion was notified that "our bus broke down in Illinois" I don't know if that actually happened, but it smells like a Kevin Keller statement. I was also told that the league and or Mr. Keller was going to send me a retraction / correction on the press release from Sunday because the league (Keller) committed "Defamation of Character" when the blame was wrongly put on Rychel and Corey, and their personal businesses were affected by their "PUBLIC PRESS RELEASE". 0-2 Keller. I may be 0-12 for the year as a coach, but my players, staff, and opposing coaches respect us, .........more than I can say for you. I think this league, Jeff and Eric would serve better if you just went away, most people in your position have a degree in communication. If you do, please let me know from what College, so I don't send my kids there.

I just wanna say thanks to all of the teams and players we had the opportunity to play against. They are all great people. JR and Big Dog, Thanks. People here appreciate your kind words, class people. Indoor Vet I hope you look at the appropriate people to point the finger at, because it is not us. If it was, I along with Coach Rychel, Taylor and Corey are man enough to admit it unlike other OWNERS who just vanish and hide. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN THE PLAYOFFS, STAY HEALTHY AND GOD BLESS.

That is all I have feel free to email my personal account I will tell you the truth. Jeff and or Eric call me if you need anything. Keller don't even think about it.

Coach / Player Gade
Springfield Stallions 2007

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:11 am
by preeths
Just to clarify, I assume the poster is referring to the above material being deleted on the CIFL website's message board, not our boards.


Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:31 am
by WorcShark
[quote=""preeths""]Just to clarify, I assume the poster is referring to the above material being deleted on the CIFL website's message board, not our boards.[/quote]

You are correct - sorry about that!!

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:02 am
by Sykotyk
Doesn't surprise me. I know that the CIFL is open about their boards, but a lot of extremely negative stuff gets deleted.

But also a lot of that is because of liability. If you make unfounded accusations, or even ones with some teeth to 'em, there's a good chance it'll be deleted.

To me, if you want to ask, IM Jeff Spitaleri and ask about it, or call the league office.


Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:57 am
by Coach Gade
heres their reply to my post

Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
Thanks for the memories Coach...

Good response. Truth hurts CIFL, dont hide fix it

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 10:41 pm
by Surgefan
Those guys are in over their head, and they seem to hire people more clueless than they are.

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:13 am
by exit322
It is absolutely in the league's realm of appropriateness to delete posts on a board it owns.

It's not usually great PR to do it liberally as they may sometimes do, but in terms of "ethical concerns," there are none. And with most of the posts I've seen them delete (despite being banned from the board myself, haha), they're usually well within the realm of reasonableness.

Remember, a message board doesn't have those First Amendment rights everyone likes to complain about.

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:45 am
by Tatonka
AND, the above rant was reposted about 8 times, in various topics in several sections of the forum. It was deleted as much for the spamming as for the content.

Coach Gade, you know we don't allow personal insults or name-calling on the board, and you showed that you knew that when your started off the post by saying "This will eventually get deleted from this message board, and I will be banned..."

What did you expect us to do?

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 1:33 am
by WorcShark
Telling the truth in your press releases would be a start, or in some cases even putting out press releases at all, or in a timely fashion. Ok, so forget about the insults and name calling in the post - how do you or the league respond here? Only response from the league was delete and ignore before on the league's message board. You can't delete or "lock and move on" here, so what says you? I tend wonder not just how much is hidden from fans, but other owners as well.

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 1:52 am
by Surgefan
[quote=""Tatonka""]What did you expect us to do?[/quote]

Telling the truth would be a good starting point.

I don't care about that CIFL board one iota, and couldn't care less what you keep or delete. Every press release about all the problems the league is having contains lies.

The internet is a great tool for getting your message out. It's also a great tool for others to say what they know about your message.

And that's where your problem is.