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So The Championship Was Today

Post by Pounder » Sun May 12, 2013 6:38 am

(I guess yesterday if you're anywhere but the Pacific Time Zone)

I'm at a sports bar with my wife and our friends getting ready to move on for dinner in downtown Portland tonight. A couple actually manages to have one of the TV sets turned to CBS Sports Network's presentation of the NLL championship game. I see the Washington Stealth logo on the "field" and I go off. "Oh, it's in Everett!"

No it wasn't. ... /705099953

I should mention... remember driving by Langley Events Center during the Vancouver Olympics. Impressive looking building for seating only 5,500.

BTW... Comcast Arena had a Christian Youth group use the space this weekend. The Stealth owner did not put down a deposit for the time period for the championship game (CBSSN had the time set well in advance, no moving it... and speculation is the deposit isn't chump change). Showare Center had an all-star basketball game. Key Arena had Rat City Rollergirls. ... -win-title

Oh well.

While there's people in Everett threatening to drop their season tickets over this, I got spurred to see how this league is doing.

It appears a Saskatoon group tried to lure the Rush out of Edmonton. The Rush acknowledged discussions had happened. ... story.html

People with Nassau Coliseum are said to be trying to bring NLL back (sort of) to the building.

Beyond that, I read from people who think the league have gone to Hell in a handbasket, but I don't see anyone else discussing a fold or collapse.

Thing is... when you're on very limited TV exposure and limited revenue with some wicked travel expenses, how do you advance this league? The fans are quick to blame the management. I think they're wrong. I think it's performing consistent minor miracles with limited resources and a wonder this league survives.

I do see growing interest in lacrosse... even in Portland. Of course, that's mostly outdoor, high school-oriented, and obviously in "richer" parts of town. This was happening when the Lumberjax were around, but that obviously didn't help. Some people think a player base leads to a fan base... I just think that takes time.

How do you suggest helping this league along?
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