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West Coast League

Post by Aesculus » Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:46 am

My actual reason for coming here is to comment on this story:

// ... id=4083033 posted in response to a comment I made on Facebook.

I realize that the WCL did not return his calls, but Portland has had WCL teams for the last two years, at least, expanding from 4 to 6 teams for 2010.Would it have taken that much more effort to figure this out on his own?

WCL is just college summer league, but it's something, even if they don't get this Golden League thing off the ground. I'll plan on going to Joe Etzel Field for some weekday games. The University of Portland is barely a mile out off my commute, although capacity at the field is only 1000. I've seen a University of Portland game or two every years since my No-Po days in the late, late 1990s.

I also have the option of hitting the Cowlitz Black Bears at Lower Columbia College, about 4 miles further away than UP from my home in Columbia County, Oregon. If I want to go on a weekend, they will likely be my choice.

However, the quality of play is just not going to be equivalent to AAA.

Somehow, I feel better about spending my money in Longview (Tacoma, or Seattle) rather than Portland these days, anyhow.

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Post by Pounder » Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:05 am

Having just posted the San Antonio / C-Springs news, this was an interesting thread to come across. I was in a mood, no?

The latest news leads me here:


El Paso
Las Vegas
Salt Lake

New Orleans
Oklahoma City
Round Rock
San Antonio


I suppose that makes sense. Still, if I'm Albuquerque or El Paso, I wish I could hang with Texas teams (both geographically and philosophically). That leaves 6 teams in the "old" PCL footprint, while 2 teams just left the California League to be absorbed by the Carolina League. THAT... that's just what happens when someone's running a bit of a ballpark racket and a particular region isn't THAT into it. 'Tis what is.
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