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Post by bluetwinbill » Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:18 pm

I never said Portland was a great baseball town, because it has never had a chance. you cant compare AAA ball to MLB. they are 2 distinct ventures. The media has given Beaver baseball short shrift for years, not even waitng for games to end b4 going to press anymore, so no game articles, stats etc. I understand why. Few care, and I admit to not following PCL ball closely myself. But on many summer eves it can't be beat. Now we lose that simple option, unless a miracle occurs soon, and will wait until a suitable sight and owner tries to bring it back down the road. And they probably will, because it is a fertile sports market, and if done right, will be highly successful. I believe the Beavers made money anyways, with 3 or 4 crowds over 10000 and another 10 or so 5000 and above, it was a money making venture, which Paulson now turns his back on, at least in Portland anyways..

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Post by aardvark » Sat May 08, 2010 7:28 pm

Well, apparently now there are 3 possible locations to move the Beavers. First would be Tucson, which has a fairly new stadium with no tenant. Second, El Paso has surfaced has a possible destination. They have a stadium that seats around 10,000. And third is, San Marcos in north San Diego County, roughly 30 miles from Petco Park. There are a few minor issues with the site, namely, no stadium, and no plans that anyone has seen for a stadium. The idea is to build a joint-use stadium for CSU San Marcos and whatever minor league team were to go there. We will see how that goes--there have been rumors over the years of a Cal League team going to north county, but I don't know about a AAA team. In the meantime, where do they move to in 2011?

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Post by Buffalo Super Fan » Mon May 10, 2010 4:47 am

First I am from Buffalo, New York and I think Portland the city got taken by Paulson's group. MLS is looking at New York City with the New York Mets as owners for a potential second MLS team in New York City area with Citi Field a baseball park as there home but the Portland Beavers can't play at a baseball stadium at the same time please. This was Paulson's groups little deal with Portland and in my opinion had nothing to do with MLS desires.

My theory is that Paulson's group is selling the Portland Beavers PCL team to help pay for the MLS Portland team one and two his group has doubts about the Portland market as both a MLS and PCL market at the same time of year. There nothing wrong with what Paulson's group did they own the teams it is there choice which is fine. My problem is lets not pull the wool over Portland fans and the city of Portland's eyes.

I don't think Portland gets triple-a PCL baseball back in that market for a long time in my opinion Portland blew it. If Paulson's group wanted MLS soccer so bad let him pay for the soccer stadium converson of PGE Park. My opinion is that the market isn't big enough sports interest wise for two teams. I wouldn't call Portland a great sports market. It is big population wise no doubt but the Portland market has lost alot of sports teams over the years one and two losing baseball like they are wouldn't go over in a great sports market in my opinion. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I was Portland about the prospects of triple-a baseball again anytime soon. I believe Portland will get baseball back but only single-a baseball in the Northwest League we will see. Let's Go Buffalo
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The above post is in my opinion and I have no proof or link. I am just a Buffalo sports fan.

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