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Albany? Hmmm

Post by Mark » Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:45 pm

Now that minor-league baseball in The Good Life City is officially dead, you may be right. Also, given the fact that it sits empty most of the year, I would think the league could get the Civic Center at fire-sale prices right now. They haven't offered a concert there in years. I know if I were the City of Albany's manager, I would be actively courting the league with every incentive I could imagine. Columbus seems to have made a success of hockey, so it's possible Albany could rise to the challenge.

As to the success AF2 is having in the Albany market, southwest Georgia is football country. People here eat, drink and sleep the stuff. It's second only to sex on most people's agenda. The Peanuts and the SCL weren't able to tie into that success, but they also found themselves competing for attendance on some play dates.

(BTW, if any SPHL officials are watching, you'll have a ready-made season-ticket holder in me if you come to town.)

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