Big Statement from Killbreath:

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Big Statement from Killbreath:

Post by BCRantzilla » Wed Jun 09, 2004 2:25 am

This is a rather bold statement from Mike Killbreath, professional fraud. I hope this guy finally gets arrested SOON!

Dear IIHL Hockey Fans,
There is such a thing? WOW! :lol:
Please be aware I'm now hanging out on this message board to keep order. I will be hanging out on other message boards on the internet to monitor what the angry few who can't be involved with the IIHL are saying about me.
Mike has been monitoring the boards every day for the last four years, only now he's making it official. On a side note, I would consider not being in the iihl at this point on par with winning the lottery...
Further, I want to personally apologize for the foul language and personal attacks posted on this message board in recent days. We have immediately removed many, many shocking posts and registered their ISP numbers for possible legal action.
Same threats as always eh Mikey 'ol boy? Are you going to huff and puff and blow my house down too?
Due to the continued abuse of this message board, we now ask all IIHL fans to register before making any posts.
We can't have your kids or your multiple personalities running amok can we? :roll:

Fans are welcome to use this message board for fun interaction about IIHL teams. However, I'm not interested in responding to any questions from internet experts/critics on message boards, which was a practice attempted this season in one pro league. It proved to be a disaster. Anyone with any questions for me is welcome to call me at my office at (810) 249-7351 or simply drop me an e-mail at I'd be glad to respond to genuine problems or concerns I have control over.

I think he was refering to the 'disaster' that happened in the iihl in the 3rd person...
I'm very busy working to make the IIHL a huge success and create jobs in a very tough, tough economy. I'm not sure many teams in minor league hockey today can claim to owe as little money as teams operated by my company, Family Advantage Marketing LLC. Yet, reading some internet message boards would make one think we are the largest debtors in hockey. We have offered proposed payment dates, payment plans and paid bills among all of our creditors. All this has been done while working to find new financing and attract new ownership groups instead of simply walking away from debts with a Chapter 7 proceeding. We would have been a candidate during our mid-January shutdown with about $12,000 in unpaid bills against more than $75,000 owed to us at the time by three member teams.
Diversionary tactic alert! :shock:

We also shut down play in the midst of a lawsuit threat by one individual who didn't like losing ownership rights when his team didn't pay its bills.
The Northern Michigan Predators were the ONLY team in your league that DID pay it's bills. Of course, the money you bilked out of him to pay the officials, ($12,000 if I am not mistaken.) and the refs didn't get that money. Who's fault is that?? :shock:
The IIHL is working very hard to establish itself by carving a permanent niche at the A-level on the minor league ladder to assist players hoping to move up. The IIHL is also excited about assisting in creating jobs in many communities that welcome the economic impact of a pro sports club looking to hire sales reps, ushers, concession workers, parking lot workers, graphic artists, coaches, general managers, business managers, accountants, ticket takers, zamboni drivers, marketing professionals, etc. There's also the spinoff economic impact of visiting teams spending money at hotels, restaurants, gas stations and shops --- not to mention the mere idea of attracting new citizens to a community's new sports team hiring hockey players and staff.
As to the current campaign of slander being mounted on the internet against the IIHL and myself in a very personal nature, please be aware that I am a potential witness in Case # 7871004 with the Michigan State Police.

Your point being...

Despite what this individual facing 18 years in prison is saying about me, I am under no investigation by the police. I also refuse to manufacture "testimony" to assist what he has told myself, and others within the hockey world, is a $7 million lawsuit against his former employer.

Like you have ANY credibility in a Michigan courtroom Killdreams...
Further, former IIHL Coach Craig Coxe is not being extradited to Texas to serve two years in prison as reported on message boards and told to individuals within the hockey world in telephone conversations by a certain person.

Another diversionary tactic to cover up the fact that YOU BELONG IN JAIL!
I take great exception (and so do my lawyers) with any individual suggesting I have ever done anything illegal.
Then stop scamming people.
I am a hard-working person. Before getting into the hockey business, I owned a media chain that included a daily newspaper within its holdings. The appraised value of my operation in 1994 was $5 million. I am very proud of contributions by my companies as members of many, many civic groups that have donated thousands of dollars over the years to charities. I am also very proud of the many awards won by my newspapers and very proud of my family. My wife and I have 4 children. We are strong Christians with strong family values.
Doesn't it say in the bible, "Thou Shalt Not STEAL"??? Very nice job of using your personal bio as yet another diversionary tactic.
To suggest I have ever done anything illegal in my life is comical to anyone who knows me.
Tragety + time = comedy...
In fact, I was twice appointed by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners to serve two-year terms on the Community Corrections Advisory Board --- a committee that recommends policies and budgets for departments within the criminal justice system in a county with more than 400,000 people.
What does a county of 400,000 people have to do with the subject at hand? On a side note, do you know what they do with people who worked in the Corrections Department in prison??? 8)

Further, I have twice had clearance by the Secret Service at the White House --- once for a train ride with President Bush when he visited communities served by my newspapers and once for a tour of Air Force One when President Clinton visited. I mention these Republican-Democrat invitations to magnify how I pride myself in trying to get along with everyone.
I think Ms. Lewinsky showed just how easy it is to get close to Clinton...

You were claiming to be a FORMER newspaper owner and executive in 2000, BEFORE Dubya got elected. This makes your diversionary tactic a full fledge lie all by itself...
As to my two leading critics on the internet, I believe their slanderous campaign rises to the level of criminal intent on interference of business operations. As an award-winning newspaper Publisher and Executive Editor who often assisted the police in criminal investigations, let me assure fans of the IIHL that steps have been taken to deal with the situation, including various threats. It's an unfortunate situation and let me assure you I've had many prayers about it.
Calling you on your lies and deception of young people and stealing their money isn't criminal. What you have done over the last 5 years on the other hand, IS criminal.
In fact, let me add that my church will vouch for me.
The church vouched for Jeffery Dahmer, what's your point?
Further, I've never had a probation officer or any numbers on my back except for on sports jerseys.
I think a short background check will put THAT theory into swiss cheese type condition...
So on that note, in closing, let me urge everyone concerned about the IIHL's future to consider the source and compare backgrounds between us.

It's EVERYONE's fault but Killbreath's that this league was a complete trainwreck right? Sure, pull my other leg while you're at it...

Telephone: (810) 249-7351
Mailing Address: IIHL, P.O. Box 7666, Flint, MI 48507
Hey Joe, any luck finding the shack he live in yet?

Final Note: We will be happy to forward your messages to any players you might want to chat with. We will not, however, forward mail to a prison and regret not conducting better background checks in the past. We promise to be a better and stronger IIHL during the 2004-05 season!
How can one do that when there are no iihl players in existance anymore?

This guy may be the most dellusional human being alive today. How this guy has avoided prosecution all these years is a crime against God if you ask me. Hopefully Joe can take this dirtbag down. Godspeed my friend!
And that is all the people need to know!

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amazed again

Post by therealstory » Thu Jun 10, 2004 4:16 pm

hey chris, its amazing the junk that comes out of this mans mouth. anyway, am in buffalo right now working, will get with you on hosting when i get back to mich. as for mike, i hope he reads this, because if he thinks for a second that the police will tell him he is being investigated, hes crazy. lol how dumb does he think people are? your right tho mike you are a potential witness, and i cant wait to get you on the stand, no free doughnuts for you tho lmfao. i cant wait to hear where the referee money went, and the other monies. i really look forward to reading the bank statements from the account your bank closed on you due to so many bounced checks, i wonder how many personal items are on there. what amazes me is that when asked for his attorneys address, he wont provide it, he hides behind a post office box. no worries tho, i have his address now boys, anyone still owed a paycheck? lmfao

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killbreaths email response to a cease and desist lol

Post by therealstory » Fri Jun 11, 2004 8:00 pm


The intended recipient of your e-mail has rejected it and has previously requested no further contact or communications with you at the advice of Mr. Dennis Snyder, Attorney at Law, Grand Blanc, Michigan. Service of court papers regarding the request to cease contact can be accepted on behalf of the intended recipient by Mr. Snyder. Service for court papers on any other matter can be delivered to the attorney deemed appropriate by the intended recipient and/or his companies, depending on the scope of whatever subject matter is involved within the court papers your attorney wishes to obtain delivery of service. Your attorney can direct any correspondence regarding the subject matter to the intended recipient of your e-mail c/o IIHL, P.O. Box 7666, Flint, MI 48507, for a determination to be made upon instructions for delivery of court service.

Why no address for you mike? why none for your attorney? because he doesnt exist? why hasnt he called me aor sent me a letter? see you in court buddy, we'll see who gets the last pound of flesh from you. oh yeah mike in case you didnt know, that is an expression, not a threat of physical violence. just in case you want to get your "prestigious attorney" involved...lmfao

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Post by Geoff » Tue Jun 15, 2004 9:35 pm

I got threatened with a Slander lawsuit for my opinion mixed with facts from the IIHL website. Told them that I'm 16 and they left it at that.

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