Mike Killbreath, the inside story

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Post by Global-Hockey » Fri Jun 04, 2004 10:48 am

Telling me to shut up does not bother me at all. I have been told to shut up by far better people than you. Mostly because I know whothe people telling me to shut up are. However you as your usual style, FAIL to respond to the problem at hand, and continue to go into all the reasons your not this fellow, instead of shutting your mouth yourself and letting it slide as coming from a person you have no respect for anyway. DO NOT EVER RUN FOR ANY SORT OF PUBLIC OFFICE IF THIS LITTLE BOARD WITH WHAT? 200 READERS BOTHERS YOU THIS MUCH!! The solution is QUIT RESPONDING. Everyother day I read where you are "Not coming back" This is the last you will see of me", I am done here" "This site is BS". but everyday you are back.As far as receiving IM's from Big Chris? Ever hear of the DELETE button? No law says you have to open it and read it. But you do, so take the medicine. You sound like a full fledge Drama Queen who thrives on the attention. So go ahead and tell me to shut up again, because unllike you, it truly does not bother me, I will be told to shut up again many more times in my life. And yes I will be accused of doing somethings I never did, and yes I will probably be accused of being somebody I am not, but who cares? I know what and who I am, I know what I did or didn't do, and public opinion really makes no difference to me. If getting upset by some person you never met bothers you this much, you need serious help with your anger management.

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Post by Pounder » Fri Jun 04, 2004 2:00 pm

I have to agree with Global. The words "you doth protest too much" ring WAY too true here.

Furthermore, you started in on this latest barrage after being caught in a lie. It looks all too much like a diversionary tactic.

99 days out of 100, given random circumstances, I'd much rather be an ******* than give the appearance of defending a criminal... just my two cents. Chris needs to buy his own domain if he's going to spew like that, true, and I'd much rather see a case truly BUILT against Killbreath than spawn another talk radio wannabe... but I wouldn't be nearly as forgiving as he appears to be if a contract was broken with me. :D

Finally... 200 readers here? If that? (Seems like 3 dozen ever post here- and I'm talking about ALL sports represented) That's why I got the impression that you were mental in the first place; this site isn't worth having a cow over.

Big Chris
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Post by Big Chris » Fri Jun 04, 2004 8:47 pm

BigMike wrote:
Hey, how about just shutting up and leaving.
Now it's okay to get this BS from him
I can not block his PM's here,
:lol: You are acting like a little brat you know that Killbreath?
I will not shut up It's okay to get all that nasty crap yea right
Acusing me for somehing I have had nothing to do with
so his crap will be posted from now on
Because EVERYONE knows I am telling the truth. It has been proven time and again as I showed on a previous thread...
Why am I getting them I am not sending any PM's him
he is the xxxxxxx yet you tell me to leavs that makes no sense to me at all
1) I have never swore without censoring myself on the main boards.

2) You have stated "I'M LEAVING" too many times to count yet here you are back for more...
If I seen him face to face I would beat the hell out of him but he is senseless
Just like Mike Killbreath you are rambling on and on and on and now you seem to have completely forgotten who you are talking about.

No this is not okay in my book
When did all this start by him making false statements and targeting me which is wrong
You have been caught in lies on that manner TWICE on this board at least.

this is not hockey talk is it
You just might have the worst grammer in the history of the internet you know that Mikey 'ol boy?
I ignored him for months he is stepping in the wrong direction Two web sites shut his rant down now that should speak for it's self
His slanderous remarks have got to stop ,
do not direct them at me
You've been IGNORING ME??? :lol: Coulda' fooled me Killbreath. If you got screwed over by Killbreath you would know that everything I wrote was true and not at all libelous. (Slanderous? That's a Killbreathism if I ever saw one!!!)
Just keep telling yourself that...
he is the xxxxxxx not me
For someone who cares about kids reading this site, (and mine,) you sure like the potty talk on OSC...
are you that blind?? You shut the xxxx up how's that

you like having that directed at you

More crappy grammer and more delirious ramblings from Mike Killbreath. I am trying to imagine what his life will be like in the slammer. I call dibs on his reality show rights!!!

On a serious note, this guy is trying to do whatever it takes to get us to forget that he is a fraud who screwed over countless hockey players, manager and businesspeople and he deserves to be locked up. Best of luck to Joe in his efforts to bring this dirtbag to justice.

...and that is all the people need to know!

Big Chris
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Post by Big Chris » Sat Jun 05, 2004 8:33 am

That's what everyone on this board has been asking about you...

Also, stop trying to create diversions, the bottom line is that you were caught in several lies here Killbreath and you belong in jail.

...and that is all the people need to know!

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Post by Geoff » Tue Jun 15, 2004 9:38 pm

Funny when Mr. Killbreath e-mailed me saying he didn't know I was 16 and he wouldn't sue me, he gave me a specific person to call to find info on Joe about how he would be going to jail. Only reason he mentioned this is because I told him I was gonna run the website for Joe's new team the Stampede.

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Post by BCRantzilla » Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:11 am

Killbreath is a gutless loser who uses idle threats to scare people away from stopping him from continuing to con folks. Stand your ground as I have. He hasn't stopped me and he hasn't had the guts to go through with suing me or anyone else.
And that is all the people need to know!

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