Greg Ryan Fired

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Greg Ryan Fired

Post by Pounder » Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:02 pm

BTW... in messages in response to the Hope Solo articles on that particular three-letter word website, one Sign Guy Dino was spotted. I only linked this article because my work predecessor made MSN her opening website. Those message boards suck, man (and not just for the soccer). Why, man, why?

Frankly, this is half of a good coaching move. Who do you hire now? Anson Dorrance currently is completely about the kind of physicality at North Carolina that is going to fall short the next time USA faces Germany... because Germany is better at it, and they're technically better as well. Ryan was in the same freaking boat. My vote: Garrett Smith at U. of Portland, who's proving that multiple major injuries aren't stopping Portland from staying in the Top 10, not to mention having an eye for technical play. BTW, his chances of being hired.. 0.04%. Kills me that Portland is one of those schools that even the soccer media would prefer to wish away.

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