ESPN Layoffs

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ESPN Layoffs

Post by suge night » Mon May 01, 2017 1:51 am

100 down because of declining subscribers in a couple of years major league sports revenue from TV will reset the future model of television sports.


Conversations are taking shape about the future shift in television money into professional sports rights, with more and more people cutting the cord or bundling without a sports package, salary of players will have to drop to a more reasonable range, simply look north and the future of NFL salaries will be more in that area, because without TV money the NFL is just minor league football dressed up.

ESPN is not the first one recall that NBC had to drop its NFL rights, then returned the money tree is about to dry up a little,this shift will affect future professional and college money,that could push college into a super conference, and everyone else. And the NFL in a different direction.
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