USA PRO Rugby 2016 Opening

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USA PRO Rugby 2016 Opening

Post by Pounder » Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:51 am ... rugby.html ... rugby.html

So this is happening. And soon, supposedly. Um... my teeth grit just thinking about that timeline, and I could marginally be a potential fan.

Many aspects of this launch resemble MLS. What's missing, if understandably: terrestrial television. This has to prove itself online before money can be made on this side of the house.

However, this is one of the sports that is beginning to benefit from people who are turned off by football. Theoretically, there's a market... but with 30-man rosters, having something like Boxer Field in San Francisco instead of even Kezar seems a bit of a stretch. If you're presuming that each team has to pay for itself (which, because single entity, doesn't have to be the case), $43 per ticket just to cover players. Gritted teeth again.
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Post by Renandpat » Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:10 pm

They are running the same con as other startup leagues in the combine cash grab.

From Facebook:
In response to various questions, here is an update on our preparations for the 2016 season:

We have two confirmed locations, San Francisco and Sacramento, with four other locations very close to a finalized contract. The majority of the coaches have been chosen and committed, but can not be announced until venue contracts are finalized. The majority of the playing rosters have been identified for some time, and contacted regarding availability. The response from players and coaches has been overwhelmingly positive. Combines are an opportunity for players not previously identified to raise their hands, but are by no means the principal method of player selection. Negotiations have also been ongoing with a smaller subset of international players who have also indicated their availability. As a single entity league, all players and coaches are centrally contracted by the league and so the league determines who plays where. Thanks again for all your support and patience.

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