Is the CIFL now the best ran Indoor Football League in America?

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Is the CIFL now the best ran Indoor Football League in America?

Post by Indoorfootballguy » Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:17 am

I know this sounds crazy, but look at the current landscape of this crazy world of Indoor Football right now.

IFL-has added some good teams and has lost a ton of teams and still have questionable teams like the Allen Wranglers, Richmond Revolution, Kent Predators, La Crosse Spartans, and the Colorado Ice. And also, how is Fairbanks going to be able to make it past next season with there travel schedule. And the IFL as a whole needs to get a grip on reducing there travel schedule. Have teams only play teams in there division, not fun for fans, but it will help teams financially.

SIFL-I liked where this league was going, until they said they are negotiating with the AIFA East about merging and then becoming the new af2 in 2012. First, why do business with the AIFA? You have such a nice regional league with just staying how you are, don't ruin it and go nationwide in 2012. And why the hell would you want to become the AFL's developmental league? They are already going down the wrong path with letting teams paying A TON OF MONEY under the table and it will just get worse. Wasn't this the Old AFL's problem, paying players too much money? It is not even there 2nd season and the AFL is heading down the wrong path.

AIFA West- They have a nice plan, but they need to have teams closer together. Teams in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada? They need to have teams closer together. Not to mention this league will be ran by Mink is already a question mark.

UIFL-New League, already two bad situations with league owned Canton and Saginaw.

CIFL-The Silverbacks finally have a home in Dayton, hopefully they can have success. The Commandos did well last season on and off the field. The Wolfpack are a proven organization, but it remains to be seen whether they will return, hopefully they do. The Marion Blue Racers are now here, as long as they have good ownership, fans will come. Port Huron Predators are new for 2011, last time around, the Port Huron Pirates did well on the field, but horrible off the field, hopefully that changes. The Chicago Knights are a big questionmark, third name in three years, these guys should not be in this sport peroid. If West Michigan joins the CIFL, it may be a better fit for them. Fort Wayne is a dead market, they should not return there. It would be good to see the Rock River Raptors return.

Chicago, Rock River, Cincinnati, Marion, Port Huron, West Michigan, Wisconsin Wolfpack, Dayton. This sounds like a nice regional league and small regional leagues need to be the future of Indoor Football.

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Post by BananaCat » Tue Nov 09, 2010 6:12 am

Each league has their faults. If you prefer the CIFL and a small regional format, then have at it.
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Post by jcompton » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:26 pm

We're still talking about a league which had to cancel games due to a mid-season franchise shutdown in its most recent season. I think that kind of eliminates you from "best of" contention. (And if you can't find a league with a less-glaring wart, then I think the Academy just doesn't issue an award that year.)

That said, it's a nice, realistic-yet-promising looking offseason.

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Post by newiflfan » Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:16 pm

At this point I have seen nothing to make me think there will be any sort of West Michigan team playing in the CIFL in 2011. And I mean literally nothing. There hasn't been a peep from the ThunderHawks front office in months.

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