Entertaining Piece: The First Florida Flight Thread

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Entertaining Piece: The First Florida Flight Thread

Post by zeke41 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:34 am

Since we had a 2010 pulled back to life, I decided to have some fun and dig this thread up - the first Florida (originally "Orlando") Flight thread. This was THOROUGHLY entertaining to read (for me at least). I'm pretty sure a lot of you would find this entertaining as well.

I actually searched Florida Flight and went through a bunch of threads. Wow...what a ride. Well...we are going on our 8th season...100% of our games played (even when bum leagues neglected to send an opponent). 13 players that have moved on to international opportunities (and 36 players from the FBA have done the same in just 5 years).

I'll say this - the people on here sure were helpful...even the haters. You can learn a lot from studying other people's failures. I sure do miss Basketball Fiction and No Way though. Hope life is treating THEM as well as life is treating me. :cool:

If you want an entertaining read...

//www.oursportscentral.com/boards/ ... ida+Flight

And for some PURE entertainment...how wrong was THIS guy...LOL LOL LOL!

[quote=""basketball facts""]You are forgetting this is a fantasy. This guy lives in a fantasy world that revolves around him as being a pro basketball player and now a team owner. This guy is no different than the charchter Robert Deniro played in the movie where he kidnaps Jerry Lewis because he wants to be a professional comedian. Who would make a web site, announce a team with no venue, no capital, no business plan, etc. Why people cannot see this is beyond me.[/quote]

Meanwhile, we'll be playing at the Amway Center AGAIN (for like the 5th or 6th time...lost count) AFTER the Orlando Magic play the Brooklyn Nets on December 16th. It'll be a fun game where the returning players will play against the top guys in our December 4th tryout...you know...giving regular dreamers a chance to play on an NBA floor, too, because...well, I believe in uplifting the dreamer in all of us! I hope you all are well...
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