Scores for the 2015-16 Season

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Scores for the 2015-16 Season

Post by turbocamyes » Fri Nov 06, 2015 3:34 pm

Well, I’m back. Swore all summer that I would not do this again, but every season brings new hope. This season was in the form of the new AmeriLeague (now gone) and the roll out of the expanded NEBA. And, it appears, a new effort by our old friends at the ABA to raise their standards. They have a new schedule and stat website that posts games through March (and, at least for the scores, was accurate and up-to-date through last weekend.) The stats are still mostly incomplete, but no less so than the other leagues currently playing—the IBA & EBL (no stats yet posted) and the APBL (only two out of ten games, but they’re always a little slow.)

This year I will list games by league and date. For the ABA I will first list the games posted by the league followed by games taken from teams’ sites (essentially unconfirmed games.) There has been a number of games cancelled though mostly from the teams that withdrew to join other leagues: Providence to the PBL (they never posted a schedule but had 14 games listed by other teams) and Coast II Coast, Garland & Central Florida to NEBA (all of which had full schedules.)

Finally, I will be tracking the following leagues (Start):

D-League (NOV)
NBL Canada (DEC)

NEBA (NOV) & (Spring)
MPBA (Spring)
& (Spring)
ECBL (Spring)
EBA (Spring)
FBA (Spring)

I have schedules for leagues in red. I’m trying something new this year and will track all leagues in one spreadsheet. If anyone is interested I can upload it to Google Docs (or somewhere else) so folks can follow along.

The ABA site:

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