Popcorn Time; USSF Election Is Way Too Entertaining

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Popcorn Time; USSF Election Is Way Too Entertaining

Post by Pounder » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:07 am

https://www.ussoccer.com/about/governan ... candidates


If I had a bag of popcorn for every day there’s been “entertainment” around this election- and that’s been virtually every day since the USMNT failure- I’d very likely be dead now. Sunil Gulati acts like he’s standing firm before he decides not to run. The NASL and USL issues taking on an interesting amount of importance. What about the women? Solidarity payments for youth clubs? Promotion and relegation? Eric Wynalda being, er, Eric Wynalda (if you vote for me, I’ll tell you what I’ll do to fix things). Kyle Martino being the quieter, perhaps even more radical candidate. Would Landon or Foudy run? Hope Solo being here at all. The uproar (with a few too many parallels to 2016) when Kathy Carter joined the race and instantly had to assume the “establishment candidate” title. The maybe less establishment candidate in current VP Carlos Cordeiro. The wildcards Gans and Winograd and “shot heard round the world” Caligiuri. Wynalda admitting today he’s received campaign funding from Riccardo Silva.

The vote is supposed to happen February 10. This thing is already nuts and kind of compels you to stay tuned.
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