Another spring football league in the works - Spring League of American Football

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Another spring football league in the works - Spring League of American Football

Post by Fran » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:24 pm ... the-works/

Maybe failed football leagues provide tax benefits. Or maybe there are simply too many people who are delusional about the power of professional football.

Regardless, another spring football league is in the works, according to John Ourand of SportsBusiness Daily.

A trio of media executives — Michael Lardner, Rex Lardner, and Robert Pollichino — plan to launch the Spring League of American Football; “SLAF” (rule No. 1 for football league creation: come up with a better acronym) hopes to launch by 2018.

The league, if it ever launches, will have teams with players who have a geographic affiliation to the location of each franchise. The founders hope to have further announcements “later this year or early next year.”

Eventually, look for an announcement that the league will go the way of Kramer’s plan to convert his apartment to a series of levels.

Alternative leagues to the NFL simply don’t work. The UFL was the latest league that actually played games before failing. Every league since then — the FXFL, the reincarnated USFL, and MLFB — crapped out before ever kicking off.

There’s simply no appetite in American for pro football that isn’t NFL football. The Arena Football League has limited appeal, and the CFL is a curiosity at best in America. The NFL remains the king of all football leagues with no real alternative even on the radar screen. Instead, wannabe leagues will periodically register a blip or two, and then fail.

Eventually, that could change. The NFL’s obsession with making the game safer could create an opportunity for an Old School Football League (with a better acronym than “OSFL”) that plays the game like it used to be played, with kickoffs and big hits and a UFC-style embrace of the brutality inherent to the game.

UPDATE 12:53 p.m. ET: Apparently, the FXFL played games. Which is sort of like a tree falling in the woods with no other there to hear it make a sound.

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Post by 4th&long » Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:25 am

I'm all for it though late feb till Memorial Day sounds better for tv

It's vapor for now but big names with connections and money can make this happen more then the scam leagues.


Ps. Nbc didn't even know fxfl played games, pathetic reporting

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Post by dmbishop » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:58 pm

[quote=""4th&long""]Ps. Nbc didn't even know fxfl played games, pathetic reporting[/quote]

Nobody besides OSC Message Board users and the players' families knew the FXFL played games.


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Post by Aaronhere » Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:30 am

Well, they DO have a website... :P
America's Real Team

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Post by 4th&long » Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:28 am

[quote=""Aaronhere""]Well, they DO have a website... :P [/quote]

Yes and registered trademarks ... 40663.html

Does not look like a vapor scam to get tryout fees
The names associated are real (yes the UFL and FXFL also did - and they did get off the ground - these names seem more media oriented - which is good though are they connected or lower tiered execs )

I would have prefered a March or late Feb start but that's picking nits

Will be watching the news on this league.... :D

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Post by suge night » Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:45 am

These leagues are always interested in pushing there press releases, sure content is king online but if you don't know what that really is aside of a few releases well :roll:

The other thing you will notice while visiting the site, is that the research conducted is flawed completely, while they did get one part right the 18 to 35 age grouping is the market 85% would watch is wrong, while a league like this isn't your grandfathers cup of tea, there could be a niche after all if a group of college competitors can get some TV numbers in the leap frog challenge or whatever its called then so can football, just not in large enough numbers to support a proposed league of teams, But used as simply a marketing tool it would have a tremendous chance as some political person would say here.

But again here is the same old model being repackaged and pushed out simply rehashing a group of players based upon nothing more than they once played in this area won't go over well. Good luck to them but it has that nasty word failure written all over it.....

Being a media person gives you no more an advantage than any other person, the question is do you really have a viable concept, being that I have a media background I'll give you that they understand how to max it better than Jim the cement company guy but do they really understand the industry that is the business of what essentially is minor league sports. I've seen a lot of millionaire guys reduced to rubble, oops another political persons reference. When entering this game of minor league sports, the business (industry) is littered with the bones of those types.
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