Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson is scoring big inside, outside NBA

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Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson is scoring big inside, outside NBA

Post by Fran » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:06 pm ... 26657.html

Earlier this month, Nelson became co-owner of the Professional Futsal League, a hardcourt, five-a-side derivative of soccer, an interest that he said came from his 23-year-old daughter Christie.

“We were looking at buying the Sidekicks, and that’s when my daughter, at the breakfast table, said, ‘Hey, gee whiz, we should really kind of take a look at this Futsal thing,’ ” Nelson said. “She went up to Milwaukee and she had a chance to meet some of the other [Futsal] industry leaders, and Keith Tozer, who is now our commissioner, and Rob Andrews, the international guy.

“We kind of changed gears and said, ‘Hey, go big or go home. Instead of getting a franchise, why not look at this entire league, because it was FIFA approved and anointed as an official developmental sport and there was a lot of interest.”

Nelson later convinced Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to purchase a principal stake in the league.

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Post by Sam Hill » Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:27 am

A 23-year-old woman uses the phrase "Gee whiz?"
Old enough to remember when bashing the ABA was fun.

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