2015 Season - Where to Expand???

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There were three existing teams that the PIFL extended offers to this off season: Cape Fear, Saginaw, and Erie. All three were invited to go through the application process, only Erie saw the benefit that the PIFL offers in terms of stability. When it came time for Cape Fear and Saginaw to fish or cut bait, those two choice bait, they chose to go the route of taking their chances in a cheaper league that also means far more instability. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Because of the miserable state of most of lower leagues and the teams that operate in them, the PIFL has about exhausted the chances for further expansion, there is little left in terms of franchises that offer any value to the PIFL. Future expansion will have to go a different direction in my opinion. In order to secure the stability that the PIFL is looking for, they should look toward another sport, hockey. Why wouldn't there be plenty of minor league hockey teams that would also be interested in owning a football team, two teams in the same building for a year round operation? Football only plays 12 games a year so compared to the investment that ownership has make toward hockey, the investment is much smaller for football. Additionally, sponsors can be courted for year round deals across both sports. I fully expect Toledo to be in the expansion sights for the PIFL in 2016. I can also see ECHL and AHL markets becoming a priority target for the PIFL going forward.[/quote]

The problem is minor league hockey teams are broke as hell. They survive by "adding" new owners every few years. Down 200k, sell 10% of the team for 200k and tell another owner to pound sand.

The real model is to go to big cities and make the players PAY to be on the teams. The teams just operate out of gyms and provide high quality coaching. NY vs Philly. DC vs Atlanta. Hell, they can pay for their own travel. Pro's vs Joe's the league.

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