gba returns

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gba returns

Post by gbahoops » Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:32 am


For More Information, contact: “Moose” Lewis, Managing Member
Global Basketball Alliance, LLC
@ 404/ 808-9268

or fax 775/ 458-8685
email [email protected]


The Global Basketball Alliance Returns!!

(Atlanta, Georgia) (June 26, 2007)- “Moose” Lewis, Managing Member of the Global Basketball Alliance, LLC, proudly announces the return of the groundbreaking league, “the GBA” and its “moneyball” to resume play in February 2008. Tryouts for talent will begin in August 2007 beginning in Atlanta, Georgia and continuing in nine (9) additional cities across the United States. Pre-registration begins immediately

States Mr. Lewis, “After buying out all partners, members, and team licensees, we feel that the time is right to begin play in both a winter season as well as a spring season to capitalize on the popularity of minor league sports and especially basketball. Continuation of a league year round gives it the opportunity to be viewed as a business and to also keep the league in the news the entire year. Furthermore, I have turned over the day to day operations of the professional boxing sanctioning body to my Director of Championships so I can devote all my time to the GBA and its team licensees. Make no mistake that we will be a true developmental league for the top minor leagues as well as foreign leagues. Tapes of all games will be given to all players and each player will be able to leave the league at any time for a better opportunity. The true benefit of players playing in the GBA is having current footage of their talent in a structured environment-for two (2) seasons within one (1) year-and adequate breaks between the seasons.”

“In addition, all games will be available on the internet through for viewing around the world-and don’t forget, the GBA will be using its own branded basketball by Baden and the red and white moneyball will be a staple as fans love the excitement it brings in the last two (2) minutes.”

Persons wishing to be involved with the GBA on a corporate level or license a team are urged to contact us immediately.

For more information on the “GBA”, please contact the home office.

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Post by heavesrock » Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:34 am

IS this the 28 team league out of Atlanta we've been hearing about?
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gba returns

Post by gbahoops » Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:06 am

no, we are resuming play after a hiatus -several teams jumped to the aba-but now we are back. i dont know who the other league is.

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Post by Paul S » Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:23 pm


We;ve missed you man. Hope to see the GBA shortly. It'll be a good match up for the ABA..

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Post by Dan K » Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:59 am

Moose--minus 2 pts. for spelling on San Diego Diabablos.

I tried to keep up with the various proposed team names in the original GBA and some that popped up from time to time on the GBA site. Some were names were familiar and others were interesting. Who can forget the Tri-State Zombies?

Augusta Links/Missing Links
Austin Oil Barons
Baltimore Hustlers
Birmingham Bandits/Breakouts
Cartersville CattleKings
Charlotte Mohawks
Chattanooga MountainMen/Smokey Goats
DeSoto (MS) 'Coon Dawgs
Gotham City (NY) Crusaders
Harlem Bay Snatchers
Jacksonville Inferno
Kentucky Gentlemen
Knoxville Scavengers
Las Vegas Gold Diggers
Long Beach Hoop Kats
Macon Bacon
Mexico City Cobras
Montgomery Marauders
New Orleans Pistoleros
Newark Swamp Things
North Alabama Swamp Rats; North Alabama Swampers; NorthWest-Alabama Jam; Northwest-Shoals Jamm
Panama City Bay Snatchers
Reno Lucky Aces
Rome/North Georgia Bucketeers
San Francisco Bay Watchers
San Jose Vipers/Bakersfield Vipers
Springfield (MA) Mutiny
Tallahassee Tango
Tennessee Thrill
Tennessee Varmints
Trenton Mutants
Tri-State Zombies
Worcester Warlords

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Post by gbahoops » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:18 am

it is good to be back-i will tell the webmaster about the spelling :) now that my health problems are under control-and i have had plenty of time to reflect on our errors, we are ready to resume. i have been following the other leagues and see the errors of their ways-so i believe we are prepared. by accepting that we are a true development league-not a fat cat's club. tomorrow we will post about what we will be -and what we offer-besides a real office, stats program, shoe program, rules book, pr program, webcast channel, and operations manual. all we ask is an open mind from all of you-by the way, the teams on the website are targets and may be replaced by teams in other cities-BEFORE the cutoff date.

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Post by gbahoops » Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:02 am

As a true developmental league for higher leagues-like the nbdl, cba, aba, ibl, usbl, and wba, we strive to truly develop all persons in a professional manner-including owners, players, referees, marketing, and stats personnel. many persons wish to get into pro sports in the above categories and either do not have money or experience-and cannot afford a huge loss or bankruptcy. with a yearly license fee of $3500 for a team-with a program to get that back in the first year from the league, an owner can get the initial fee back by growing with us. players who cant get a break or tryouts in other leagues have the opportunity to finally explore their goals. our first year gba players tell me all the time that we gave them a decent wage in pro basketball after playing with us-and i still will answer our phone=no hiding and an office you can walk into. players and referees will get a per diem and game compensation -and tapes of every game they play in=and edit for their own use and games also available on the website for fans and teams around the world to look at. regarding tryouts, players get tapes of both the conditioning and skills drills they participate in as well as tapes the second day of scrimmage games with referees. to have this from a structured professional tryout is a huge asset for the players-AND there will be 2 slots on a team guaranteed from each tryout. on the second day of tryouts, the team that wins the most games will get their tryout money returned to them. for the players, they finally get something for their money they can use=tapes and official stats. players share in merchandise sales also. finally, while players have a contract, should they go to a team in a higher league, there is no transfer fee. no one gets rich in minor league hoops-not the league, owners, or players=but they get the experience they need. even the owners can sell their license and buy a team in another league-with no repercussions-if they believe they are ready to go forward. finally, when an owner comes in to the league, he is only a licensee-so if he moves to another league, the name and website stays with the league-but he can sell the llc or corp that holds the license for any amount he wishes-and the yearly license fee will be always the same as the first year they pay=no matter what it increases to in upcoming years=so the owner has a real assett. if they miss one game however, the license reverts back to the league and the league will operate it till the end of the season.
i hope this gives an overview of the gba-feel free to contact us for more info or questions=and dont forget, we will play both spring and fall seasons-though owners are not required to do both.

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Post by The Magician » Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:38 pm

Moose ... Any word out of Birmingham, Alabama?

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GBA Tryouts in Birmingham

Post by The Magician » Sat Jun 30, 2007 7:08 am

Moose ... any thoughts on possibly having a GBA tryout in Birmingham?

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Post by SignGuyDino » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:27 am

That website is uhhh...yeah...

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