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All members of the tailgate crews, please send me your email address, you can PM it instead of posting it on the open forum so we can plan it out. typically much of this was done through phone calls as everyone got different instructions and I don't have all of your emails. With all of the questions I would like to be able to send a mass email as we prepare for saturdays game.

At the moment it's still all a big question, I'll be meeting with the front office tomorrow trying to get some questions answered.

Every game you guys have done an excellent job putting together and after game meal for both teams. Much of the prep work is done the day before and is put together while most fans are on the field for the after game autograph session.

Many of the players from both teams have requested a crawfish boil. This has to be done on site after the game and can't be pre-cooked. With brisket, chicken, etc we had been cooking alot before hand and grilling, sausage, dogs, and burgers on site.

Someone (the tailgate crew knows who ) has been saying all year that she was a chef and wanted to get the upstairs banquet facility over looking the field to put on an after party.
For one reason or another it hasn't panned out yet. She said at last night at the game that this party was confirmed for after next saturdays playoff game.

This raises some questions. First, has it been officially authorized by the team? Who will pay to rent the facility? Will she actually supply an after game meal for everyone? Will both teams be invited as we've done with the tailgate? Will all fans at the game be invited or just the season ticket holders? or just the core group of avid fans that have worked all season to put on the extracuricular activities.

I'm open to any and all fans but.................
The banquet hall isn't large enough for everyone. That's a lot of food, if in fact food will be supplied. This is a lot of money.

Will the tailgate crew have to set up and cook out at the tailgate while this after party is going on. The boil will have to be set up in the 4th qtr and the tailgate crew will miss the end of the game and after party if so. We don't want to purchase all of the food and bring all of the equiptment if the tailgate meals aren't needed. We don't want several bags of live crawfish sitting around unused.

So, should we prepare to put on the tailgate as usual?
Should we prepare to assist with the party in the banquet hall?
Should we prepare to just enjoy the after party and relax as we celebrate the victory?

I've already submitted these questions and hopefully can have it worked out soon.

Once again, a HUGE THANKS to everyone that's been invoved this season. it couldn't have been a successful tailgate season without you. Stay tuned.

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Mudbugs-Turfcats Playoff Game to be Streamed Live
July 15, 2009

Preparations are continuing for Saturday's SIFL Playoffs matchup between the Acadiana Mudbugs (6-5) and the Austin Turfcats (9-2). One of the latest developments is that this will be the first Turfcats game of the 2009 season to be broadcast live on

Web viewers will see the game from the 25-yard line camera, plus interviews with Turfcats staff during halftime and postgame. Users will also be able to chat with one another during the game. The Turfcats LiveBlog will also make its first home game appearance, after a successful debut during the team's recent back-to-back trips to College Station. As always, scoreboard updates will be available on the homepage of and on Twitter at as well.

Turfcats Live is being generously underwritten by, Austin Extreme Graphics, Family Health Chriopractic, and sparkNet Creative.

Pregame coverage begins at 6:20pm Saturday at

Join the Playoff Push!
Buy your playoff tickets for Saturday's game online

Join us for Turfcats Thursdays at Chili's
IH-35 and Stassney - TOMORROW from 5pm-Close

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Austin's Keith Clay Closes Out POTW Award
July 15, 2009 - Southern Indoor Football League (SIFL)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (July 15, 2009) - Austin Turfcats RB Keith Clay has been named the Southern Indoor Football League's Player Of The Week by virtue of his performance and fan vote in the final week of the SIFL's inaugural season.

Clay had a combined five touchdowns in the Turfcats' two victories over the Texas Hurricanes. He narrowly outdistanced teammate Ray Hall as well as Houma's Omar Haugabook and Derrick Patterson in the balloting held on

Each SIFL game has four MVPs for offensive, defensive, line and special teams. Two game MVPS are selected for balloting for the league-wide MVP by fans.

Clay's victory marked the seventh for a Turfcat during the regular season.

On Thursday, the SIFL will announce its Hooters Players Of The Quarter for the final three weeks of the season. The inaugural season all-league team is scheduled to be announced on Monday, July 20.

Week 13 Final Poll Results Player of the Week (Poll Closed)
Keith Clay, Austin 39%
Ray Hall, Austin 39%
Omar Haugabook, Houma 15%
Derrick Patterson, Houma 7%

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July 14 2009
Multiple Turfcats Nominated for 2009 All-SIFL Awards

AUSTIN, Texas - The Southern Indoor Football League released its ballot for the 2009 All-SIFL Awards and it includes at least one Austin Turfcats player or coach in every category. The ballot is posted on the SIFL website at [L=][/L]

Fans are encouraged to visit the site and cast their vote. The fans' collective vote will be used in conjunction with votes from each team, SIFL staff and local media sources to determine the winners. Voting ends Friday at 7:00 p.m. CT.

There are a total of ten different positions included on the ballot with 20 different Turfcats nominated for those positions:

• Quarterback of the Year - Deron Ellis
• Running Back of the Year - Keith Clay
• Wide Receiver of the Year - Robert Quiroga, Reggie Smith, Darrick Wallace
• Offensive Lineman of the Year - John Cardenas, Bryan Oes, Kamaron Young, Tim Cook
• Kicker of the Year - Darren Brown
• Defensive Lineman of the Year - Tim Cook, Otis Neal, Barrett Dallmeyer, Kevin Earvine
• Linebacker of the Year - Avery Cleveland
• Defensive Back of the Year - Metrick McHenry, Shon Mitchell, JR Turner, Mycal Catchings
• Kick Returner of the Year - Darrick Wallace
• Coach of the Year - Chris Duliban

Playoffs begin Saturday when the second place Turfcats (9-2) host the third place Acadiana Mudbugs (6-5) and continue Monday when the first place Louisiana Swashbucklers (10-1) host the fourth place Houma Conquerors (3- 8) . The winners of those games will face each other in the 2009 SIFL Championship.

Playoff tickets for Saturday's game are on sale now at Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. at Field at the Travis County Expo Center. Gates open at 2:30 and doors open at 5:30. Live updates will be posted on and

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Fan Blog: Week 14 by Caballo Diablo
2009 SIFL Post Season Round #1

A new season is upon us. After the seeding, regular season records don’t count, season stats don’t matter. All four of the teams start with a 0-0 record and when the dust settles the only thing that matters is the “W”. The winners this week move into the First ever SIFL Championship game and the losers start preparing for 2010.

Game 1 of the playoffs kick off at 6:30 this Saturday in Austin Texas just like the first ever SIFL regular season game, and against the same team. The #2 Seed Austin Turfcats will host the #3 Seed Acadiana Mudbugs. The T-cats are looking to make a small adjustment for this one though, that would be a victory.

If you recall, the MudBugs came into the Expo center and handed Austin their first loss in franchise history. The T-Cats were not very impressive on offense, they turned the ball over too many times, and ended up on the wrong end of a 37-29 game. How did the Turfcats respond by losing their inaugural game? They held their heads high, said it’s only one game and went to work fixing their mistakes and improving in all aspects of play. The didn’t lose another home game all year and finished the regular season with a 5-1 Home record including a 56-53 victory against the Swashbucklers in week four which many had said was impossible.

The road games went pretty well for Austin also where they went 4-1, their only road loss was to the Swashbucklers 60-43 after jumping out to an early lead and fading in the second half. They did avenge their only home loss by beating the MudBugs on the road 50-40 to even the series between the two teams.

How do these teams measure up today? Austin enters the playoffs riding a 4 game winning streak and totally dominated their final game. They’ve got momentum in their favor along with the Home crowd behind them. Acadiana on the other hand was 6-5 and lost on the road last week to the Houma Conquerors 40-28.

We can look at this several different ways. The MudBugs were already locked into the #3 seed and knew no matter the outcome of the game that they were headed to Austin for Round 1 of the Playoffs. Were they resting players or just not focused and looking ahead? Either way it would seem they are headed to Austin desperate while the TurfCats should be confident.

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. They know desperate teams can be dangerous, they also know without focus and execution the underdog can sneak up and bite you as Houma did to the MudBugs last week. You can believe they respect their opponent and will enter the arena ready for a battle and play a full 60 minutes without looking ahead.

The fans need to help though, if everyone brings just one friend to the game with them, it’ll be a great turnout. Come early and be loud, we need to fill the arena with excitement and electricity so that it engulfs the field. Let’s make the players and coaching staff as proud to play in Austin as we are proud of what they’ve given us this season. It also wouldn’t hurt to say a little Prayer for the Houma Conquerors as they head to Lake Charles this week. And don’t forget, for those unable to make it out to the Expo center Saturday night the game will be streamed live over the Net at

Game 2 will be in Lake Charles on Monday night starting at 7:00 where the #1 Seed Louisiana Swashbucklers host the #4 Seed Houma Conquerors. The `Bucs finished the season 10-1, their only loss was to the Turfcats and they’re riding a home win streak that dates almost back to the days of leather helmets. Houma ended up 3-8 but did post a huge upset last week that put them into the #4 Seed. Did they shoot their wad or do they still have another upset in them that casts memories of the AFL’s 2007 Columbus Destroyers and 2006 Chicago Rush entering the playoffs on a dismal record and a prayer making it to the Championship game, C-Bus lost and the Rush took the trophy. Just remember, on any given day if the stars align properly underdogs can prevail.

This game will also be streamed live over the Net at

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July 15 2009
SIFL Playoffs Start in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas - The second place Austin Turfcats (9-2) will host the Southern Indoor Football League's inaugural playoff game Saturday against the third place Acadiana Mudbugs (6-5). The regular season series between the teams is 1-1 with both teams winning on the road.

The Turfcats closed out the regular season with two wins in five days in College Station against the Texas Hurricanes (1-9). The Turfcats won the first game 36-18 on July 7. In the final game on July 11, the score was tied at 14 in the first quarter but the Turfcats finished strong with a 60-28 lead over the Hurricanes. Gary Cooper rushed for one touchdown and passed for 76 yards and 3 touchdowns. Darrick Wallace caught three touchdown passes and Keith Clay and Reggie Smith each scored twice.

The Mudbugs also finished their season on the road but lost 40-28 to the Houma Conquerors (3- 8) allowing Houma to make the playoffs. The Mudbugs scored one rushing touchdown in each quarter: three by Chandler Roberson and one by Anthony Parks. Bo Bartik threw for 205 yards but no touchdowns.

The teams last met in Lafayette, La where the Turfcats were looking to avenge their season opening loss to the Mudbugs. The game had seven lead changes but the Turfcats finished on top 50-40. Wallace returned the opening kickoff and a blocked field goal for scores. Clay added three more touchdowns and Cooper finished six of 13 for 82 yards and one touchdown to Robert Quiroga.

Tickets for Saturday's game are on sale now at Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. at the Field at the Travis County Expo Center. Gates open at 2:30 and doors open at 5:30. Live updates will be posted on and

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Holy crap! I just got off the phone with some people headed out way that don't usually make the games or tailgate. There will be at least 2 bus loads of people coming up from San Antonio (100 to 120). An extra 50 from San marcos, and another 50 from the north, and most of the SIFL front office.

That's around 250 people more than normal. Add in both teams and staffs and the regular tailgate crowd. I was told to expect around 400 at the tailgate, then they are thinking about announcing it to the crowd during the game - YIKES !!

My 200 sausages won't cut it. I'vce got to contact some people about making another trip to Sams and load up on some beer, water, and Ice. I need all the help I can get, I also need extra coolers of Ice to put the stuff in. Folding tables, chairs, etc.


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Just got back from the after party and WOW?
It was an emotional roller coaster all night long.
Big props to John Fourcade and the Acadiana Mudbugs, they put last weeks upset behind them and came to play tonight. Either team could have won it and the the loser has a right to be upset. This is one of the best games I've seen in many years.

I talked with John and the team on the bus before they pulled out and let them know the respect we have for them. They played hard and even though the defeat is tough to swallow should hold their heads high, they are a good team.

Turfcats Win Semi-Final in Overtime

AUSTIN, Texas – The Austin Turfcats won the inaugural Southern Indoor Football League semi-final game in overtime, beating the Acadiana Mudbugs 56-49. There were 10 lead changes and a tied game at 40 in the third quarter. Regulation ended with a tie at 49. The Turfcats scored first in overtime and the Mudbugs were unable to put any points on the board giving the Turfcats the first spot in the SIFL Championship Game.

Turfcats quarterback Gary Cooper played the whole game, rushing for 20 yards and throwing for 124 yards and three touchdowns. David Banks, back from injury, had three rushing touchdowns, Darrick Wallace had two, and Robert Quiroga and Keith Clay each added one.

Mudbugs quarterback Bo Bartik threw for 241 yards and four touchdowns while Anthony Parks caught three of those touchdowns passes and Andre Kelly caught the other. Chandler Roberson had three rushing touchdowns.

The Turfcats will face the winner of Monday night’s first place Louisiana Swashbucklers versus the Houma Conquerors game in the inaugural SIFL Championship Game.

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Turfcats in Southern Indoor Football title game
By Kevin Robbins
Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Austin Turfcats will play in the championship game of the Southern Indoor Football League.

In the league semifinals Saturday, the Turfcats beat the Acadiana (La.) Mudbugs 56-49 in overtime, in front of a team-record attendance of 3,864 fans.

The Turfcats play the winner of Monday's game between the Houma Conquerors and Louisiana Swashbucklers for the championship of the indoor football league, which includes teams in Texas and Louisiana.

"Our mission is to bring the first professional championship to Austin," Turfcats coach Chris Duliban said. "We've got our shot."

This is the first season for the Turfcats (10-2), who play at the Travis County Expo Center.

They won Saturday on a 2-yard touchdown run by David Banks. The Mudbugs failed to score on their final possession.

"We're strong," said Turfcats wide receiver Darrick Wallace, who played at Grambling State.

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Hey Trifecta, did you make it out to the game lastnight? If not you missed a great one. I even mentioned you in the post game show and told them you were were rooting for us.

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