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Which teams make up the new UFL?

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Las Vegas
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Post by Pounder » Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:07 pm

OK, list of considerations...

Miami- NOPE. The Florida Marlins targeted the Orange Bowl site once The U announced it was moving. The Marlins going here allows for funds dedicated to the Orange Bowl site to be used for their proposed stadium. I'm quite sure the Orange Bowl is coming down.

Toronto- NOPE. The stadium you'd want, BMO Field (supposed to be Canada's soccer stadium) is already in the sights of the Argonauts. Non-starter... and probably a bad bet, too. Toronto thinks it's a major American city, and while they pine for NFL, they won't see this as superior to the CFL.

Richmond- Hmmm... U of Richmond Stadium could be a little small for the UFL, but maybe not. That's a thought.

(BTW- shame on you. Don't "merge" cities 100 miles apart. Bad idea.)

Norfolk- Questionable. I'm not sure they even have anything near a suitable facility. There's the 6,000-seat Virginia Beach Soccerplex, which looks like it has room for expansion, but you're not going to get VB to fund an expansion.

Charleston- Very questionable. They can't have any more of a facility than the Hampton Roads. Their soccer facility doesn't look like it has room to expand, and their team actually exists. Not sure if either of the Charleston colleges have a stadium.

Salt Lake City- What's that about NFL? Real Salt Lake is getting out of "the U's" Rice-Eccles Stadium, and I doubt UFL would get the rent discount they got. The new RSL stadium (when finished about August) will probably be a little small for Mr. Cuban's needs. MAYBE the market will take to it

Hartford- To me, Rentschler would be great. Better than New York City options, IMO.

Rochester- I think Frank DuRoss is in enough of a hole that he might consider allowing a team into PaeTec Park... but it only seats 13,000. If UFL wants something bigger, I doubt Rochester is involved. Since I think DuRoss burned bridges with the city, and since PaeTec isn't in the best of neighborhoods, I wouldn't hold anyone's breath here. Oh, BTW- it's a Buffalo Bills market, not a football market.

El Paso- The Sun Bowl is too large, theoretically. The other options are too small. The trick here, as bad as UTEP's football reputation has been over a few dozen years, the Miners draw relatively quite well. It is therefore just a matter of whether that's Miner support or football support. It's a very Hispanic market, mind you, but it still might work.

Albuquerque- UNM might let a pro team into University Stadium, and might even work with the league on beer. Not quite on campus, therefore possible IMO. That could work.

Omaha- Facility? I highly doubt it, inclusive of the baseball stadium that's oversized for AAA but great for the College World Series. Doubt this one works. I think they're in College Football World anyway.

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