Why not be smart and move to SPRING?

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Post by jwalters » Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:02 pm

Sam, if you read the post I said there is enough material for a network to run. I never said anyone would watch it. There is plenty of material available to show and it is of no lower quality than the new beach volleyball out there or any reality tv. I cant say whether anyone would watch it. I for one would watch a network that showed those games. I would also watch NAIA, NCFA, CSFL college football. So again, I reiterate, there is enough material from multiple sources to stock a video library for the hypothetical network in question. I also assumed that you would understand that when I mentioned Margate I meant they would be paid. Why wouldnt they? Sam you have an obvious personality disorder. This is evident by the high number of posts you have and the constant anger and condesending tone you display. Get help man. Seriously leave the computer and get help.
As for me I dont posts as often as I used to because I work so much. But my life is very good and I think one reason is the limited amount of time I spend online. Paul created a good thing with OSC but it can be addicting. So Sam go get help. Btw, I dont work in tv anymore but I did for quite some time. Here we deal predominantly with opinions and everyone is welcome to opinions. We sometimes deal with fact and facts can not be debated. Fact remains that there is more than enough material to stock a hypothetical network. Fact two is you go out of you way to be confrontational. If you disagree fine but why go to such great lengths to argue something that is not scientifically falsifiable? So in conclusion there is plenty of material, I did work in the tv industry, you do have an anger problem, you do need help and you have nothing but my hope and support as you strive toward recovery. I wish you and everyone on osc nothing but peace, hope, love, and joy throughout the holiday season and the rest of your lives.

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Post by Houston Caldwell » Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:25 am

I'm speculating a little here, but the principal reason for the UFL having a fall season was so they could fill their rosters from players cut in NFL training camps
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Post by Sam Hill » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:22 am

[quote=""super390""]You know, Sam, that the USFL took the vote to move to the fall before the 1985 season was played. Therefore half the teams were lame ducks that season, and the fans knew it. That's why attendance collapsed. [/quote]

No, it really wasn't.
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