Puerto Rico has just dropped out of the PBL

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Post by confused » Sat May 01, 2010 2:06 am

I have seen other post about the disrespect for this Sonnie guy by A1. I think it is fine to get on him about his views about BC, but to talk about his work with the VA, is sad. My Great Grandfather, my Grandfather, and Father all served our country. I am proud, and think they are Hero's. In my eyes anybody that work with our Disabled Vets, are hero's too. Please don't make fun of his job. As, it looks like to me preeths does not like the IBL, I may be wrong, but thats what it looks like to me. I don't really feel that Ken thinks much of many, of these leagues. I understand and see most of his points. My problem with the PBL, and I learned a great deal here on this board. It just seems like they did have a really good team for the league, with Battle Creek. When I read that they had to ride on a bus where a Coach had to ride on the stairs for along ride. They had to drive 3 hours to catch flights. I assume none of the other teams had to do that, cause I never saw any post that said they did. They took a 17 hours bus ride with another team. How can you put that may guys with legs that don't stop on a bus? How did they fit? Did they grip or grumble when these things happened? I say no, because as another post on this board said they tried to do everything the right way. They grumbled when, for what I can see was an opportunity for a Community that is struggling. Ken has pointed out some of the tough times BC Community is dealing with. Would it not be a good idea to help our own, before we worry about China? When you read on here all the people that would travel to see their team play for a Championship. This would help a struggling Communities economy. But the so called Big Buck would take this opportunity away from this little City. I feel it is an example of the big guy taking advantage of the little guy to help meet the league owners needs. But I have learned that is called business. I guess if it is business, these bills they owe in BC should be paid. It is there business, because there name is attached to it in one way or the other. I sounds like if the league did pay these bill, it would not break the bank by along shot. Now I am going to have a drink, same thing maybe misern should do.

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