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by TalonFan7
Mon May 07, 2007 9:02 pm
Forum: af2
Topic: Joining the AF2
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the famous forbes article.....

this is mid 2005 but its a great one
by TalonFan7
Sun May 06, 2007 7:09 am
Forum: af2
Topic: JungleKats Win
Replies: 4
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somewhat decent crowd on hand in cincy?
by TalonFan7
Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:34 am
Forum: NIFL
Topic: San Antonio Steers new logo???
Replies: 10
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wow that schedule has 4 games in 1 week for the team.....that cannot be healthy
by TalonFan7
Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:32 am
Forum: NIFL
Topic: Update on Columbia
Replies: 19
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i thought someone said there was af2 logo whited out at midfield, that means it is the columbus from af2's turf.
by TalonFan7
Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:58 am
Forum: NIFL
Topic: More New NIFL Sites!
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castle rocks are probably based in castle rock, colorado

what a clever name huh?? :-D :-D :-D
by TalonFan7
Wed Oct 25, 2006 4:10 am
Forum: NIFL
Topic: Marshals Weigh In!
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the reason is...

if your city of cincy would you want a team in the troublesome NIFL occupying your main arena or would you want a team lead by successful major sports stars of your city? sam adams isnt the big name here, he is just the ringleader.....its ken griffey jr., rudi johnson, and TJ houshmandzadeh are the ...
by TalonFan7
Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:39 am
Forum: af2
Topic: off the nets with af2 radio show
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off the nets with af2 radio show

im having a problem getting the show to play on my computer for this weeks it just me?
by TalonFan7
Tue Aug 08, 2006 7:02 am
Forum: NIFL
Topic: What's up with Charleston?
Replies: 5
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bring back the swampfoxes to af2 and their great online fanbase!
by TalonFan7
Sun Jul 23, 2006 5:46 am
Forum: NIFL
Topic: jacksonville tomcats returning?
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jacksonville tomcats returning?

rumor on the boards straight from kurz say that the jacksonville (tomcats?) return to the af2 in 2007 and will be the team filled by the reaility show roster.

congrats jacksonville!
by TalonFan7
Mon Jul 17, 2006 10:53 pm
Forum: af2
Topic: Coming to Cincinnati?
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i was very sad to see the swarm leave after only one season in the af2.i heard the reason for their early departure was not being able to secure a new lease with the US bank arena in time for the new season. avg af2 league attendance this year is 4839 per game. cincy swarm 2003 attendance 7238 5583 ...

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