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Old 06-08-2006, 10:38 AM
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Default History Question

I read that Mexico City had a team in the Late 80's or early 90's and avg. 14,000 fans per game, yet folded after one season. Does anyone know why?
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Old 06-08-2006, 11:49 AM
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Default Mexico City moved to San Diego


I found this great website which offers a lot of history (movement) of CBA teams over the years.

Apparently, the Fargo-Moorhead Fever became the Mexico City Aztecas and only played in 1994-95 before moving to San Diego. The Wildcards disbanded during the season.

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Old 06-10-2006, 02:53 PM
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Default Mexico

Mexico had a CBA team in 1994-95. they did not average 14000 fans. they had some good crowds but averaged more around 5100 fans per game. they were one of the top draws in the CBA at the time with 7 teams averaging 3500 fans per game or more. i beleive they ranked 3rd in attendance that year behind teams such as Rapid City, SIoux Falls, Oklahoma City, and Chicago.

but they had a Money problem. between Mexican dollars to USA dollars and the team moved back to the states to San Diego where they later folded the following year.

Mexico City had some great players though. i beleive they finished 25-31 that year.

the Franchise was a great franchise in the CBA over the years.

1995-96-San Diego Wild Cards.......Head Coach-Mauro Pannaggio
1994-95-Mexico City Aztecas........Head Coach-Mack Calvin
1993-94-Fargo Moorhead Fever.....Head Coach-Steve Bontrager
1992-93-Fargo Moorhead Fever.....Head Coach-Steve Bontrager
1991-92-Tulsa Zone....................Head Coach-Steve Bontrager
1990-91-Tulsa Fast Breakers........Head Coach-Henry Bibby
1989-90-Tulsa Fast Breakers........Head Coach-Henry Bibby
1988-89-Tulsa Fast Breakers........Head Coach-Henry Bibby
1987-88-Savanah Spirts..............Head Coach-Henry Bibby
1986-87-Savanah Spirts..............Head Coach-Charley Rosen
1985-86-Detroit Spirits................Head Coach-Bob Wienhauer
1984-85-Detroit Spirits...............Head COach-Sam Washington
1983-84-Detroit Spirits...............Head Coach-Gary Mazza
1982-83-Detroit Spirits..............Head Coach-Gary Mazza


GAMES: 235, Tico Brown (1982-8
POINTS: 5996, Tico Brown
FIELD GOALS: 2240, Tico Brown
FREE THROWS: 1168, Tico Brown
3-PTRS MADE: 168, Kieth Wilson (1990-93)
REBOUNDS: 1151, Tico Brown
ASSISTS: 726, Walker Russell
BLOCKS: 194, Jerome Henderson (1984-86)

1-Ryan Lothridge
2-Dexter Boney
3-Kermit Holmes
4-Greg Grant
5-Joe Courtney
6-Byron Irvin
7-Steve Henson
8-Stan Rose
9-Al Hamilton
10-James Carter
11-Scott Paddock
12-Mark Boyd
13-Leonard White
14-Fred Vinson
15-Derrick Chandler

***1989-CBA CHAMPS***
they defeated the Rockford Lightning 4-0 in a 7 game series !!!


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