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Old 05-06-2016, 05:15 PM
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Default Portland Leaves For Springfield

This one kinda slipped under the radar but the Portland Pirates are leaving to replace the Springfield (MA) Falcons who are moving to Tuscon.

The stinky part of this is that the taxpayers of Portland just completed a $34 million renovation of the arena in 2014 with the team signing a 5 year lease. Someone snuck in an out clause.



Scott Prue of Biddeford was in the Pirates’ office at 4 p.m. to pick up a jersey won by his son in a raffle and to renew three season tickets. Ben Locke, director of ticket operations, was helping Prue with the transaction when an associate called Locke to a back room.

“Two minutes later, he came back and said he was sorry, but apparently the team was moving to Springfield and that I had to leave the office,” Prue said. “As I was leaving, I had to unlock the front door because they had locked it.”

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