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Old 10-26-2012, 04:11 AM
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Default Yet another musical contest/concert tour?

Only the names change year in, year out; here we go, yet again, with the promises...


Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com today announced that it has re-launched its ABA Entertainment Division in association with Buddy Walker Entertainment. “It has long been our goal to fuse music and entertainment with sports,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO. “We’ve tried this several times before, but it has not worked out as we had hoped it would. We believe our arrangement with Buddy Walker will help to bring this initiative to fruition. With nearly 90 teams nationwide and the back-up of UBC-TV, we believe that adding a variety of entertainment initiatives at affordable prices will make a great impact.”
“We are extremely pleased to be a part of the ABA family,” added Walker. “We have some exciting things in the works including a nationwide concert tour, a number of on-line music opportunities, and the launch of an American Idol/X-Factor/America’s Got Talent/Voices worldwide talent contest that will provide opportunities to hundreds of thousands of artists of all types to get the exposure they want and deserve. There will be “no losers” with this exciting new format which we will announce shortly.”
For more information, visit:
Or email Buddy Walker at buddywalker1955@yahoo.com or call 702 306 4657 or visit www.abalive.com
The definition of insanity is....
Proud to be "Mean-spirited blogger #10K"
And we believe it is better to have critics and people who care than not to have interest at all. Joe Newman 6/30/05
I never said the ABA had the greatest numbers regarding retention of teams. OldSchoolBaller (neither did we )
The ABA has tarnished minor league professional basketball throughout this country Ed Krinsky 2/15/06
We are now making some adjustments to our schedule - Joe Newman 10/9/08 in perpetuity
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Old 10-26-2012, 01:09 PM
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The ABA provides almost around the clock hilarity. Most of it is unintended humour which can be funnier than almost any other.

Unintended humour number 8426 for the ABA is this zinger..............."There will be “no losers” with this exciting new format which we will announce shortly.”

Oh yes there will be "losers" Buddy. Sadly there will be plenty of losers.

Owners losing money
Players losing dreams, paychecks, trust in fellow man.
Fans losing if they buy a ticket to a game that doesn;t play
Joe losing integrity (I know I know but someone must still trust him)
Basketball as a sport losing as this Franken-league stumbles along

oh and for Buddy...........

Those fans, parents, friends and members of the artists who are going to be left hanging when this this thing collapses. See anything will collapse under its own weight in the ABA, the ABA is such a fragile disaster-waiting-to-happen that it will almost CERTAINLY fall apart.

So while you may think you are honestly providing up and coming artists to be the next coming of a 'Gangnam style' type craze. Unfortunately you have hooked your wagon to the ABA. ALWAYS TAKE THE UNDER WITH THE ABA.

Mean Spirited Blogger Number 14

"If games are missed, it hurts no one" ...... ABA CEO Joe Newman 2/9/09

Due to numerous threats of legal action from certain people.......all of the above is my opinion only and it should be noted that I have never invested in the ABA. It is simply one mans opinion.
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Old 10-26-2012, 05:07 PM
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I'm still waiting on that promised ABA Snoop Dogg Tour (even though it's Snoop Lion now).
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Old 11-04-2012, 04:21 PM
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Thumbs down Bio

Buddy Walker
CEO Unheard Voices Entertainment LLC
16 years
Indianapolis Indiana

Diploma Warren Central 1989 Music Production
High School

Via Linkin

Well the voices will certainly be unheard at those games!

Dear Jack, We believe Joe Newman has a vision. As opposed to blogging his mission negatively why don't you offer suggestions of support and help. We did, Regards Roland Rodgers CEO BSN LLC
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Old 11-04-2012, 07:22 PM
dmbishop dmbishop is offline
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Wait... I'm confused. According to this press release:


Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com today announced that the Nashville Soul has new ownership. “We are very pleased that Paul and Robert Allsup have assumed the ownership of the Nashville Soul,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO. “Together, they bring many years of experience in the entertainment business, primarily in Nashville, to the league and they are filled with many creative new ideas for making the ABA basketball and entertainment experience even more exciting than it already is. It is really going to be a fun team.”
The team will be owned by Unheard Voices Entertainment, LLC, a company involved in recording, concerts, movies and films. Paul Allsup has worked with recording artists including Michael Bolton, Rod Stewart, Smokey Robinson and many others. The company is ready to launch a Pay Per View Concert network as well as conduct a national talent search like X Factor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent called Unheard Voices. “The ABA has always said it wanted to merge sports and entertainment,” said Allsup. “Well, they have not seen anything yet. If there’s ever a place for that to happen, it is in Nashville and we plan to do just that – in a big way.”
This team will be owned by Unheard Voices Entertainment, LLC, which is the Allsup brothers. Where is Buddy? Also note the similarities in the wording of this release to the other release. Unfortunately, I cannot find a date for this release.

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