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Old 03-02-2010, 12:04 PM
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Default Brmingham in UFL?

I remember a few years back when the UFL was just starting that they came to town and said they were looking at Birmingham. Are they still looking or are they staying clear with our reputation on killing leagues?
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Old 03-02-2010, 02:06 PM
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Wetdawg I don't why the UFL don't seem to interested in Birmingham which is surprising to me. The UFL seems to be looking at small seating capacity either minor league baseball ballparks like Omaha or MLS soccer stadiums like Salt Lake City for potential expansion. San Antonio the UFL league is interested in and they moved New York to Hartford in the Connecticut Huskies stadium.

The problem with Birmingham is Legion Field is too big would be my guess. The UFL has lost $30 million dollars according to reports. I am a huge fan of alternative pro sports leagues but I not wild about the UFL. There season is way to short. I would even put the XFL one and only year higher then the UFL just on tv and city selection and marketing.

The UFL games are very empty and there in very suspect football markets Las Vegas and Hartford. I would pick your city Birmingham any day of the week over Las Vegas or Hartford. To me one of the worst sports cities in America is Las Vegas. I know from experience because I lived in Las Vegas briefly for 6 months and I have a brother still out there in Las Vegas.

The biggest joke to me is everyone seems to think Las Vegas is this big league sports city I don't honestly see it. Of course other than 6 months in Las Vegas I have spent my whole life in Buffalo. Which in my opinion is one of the best sports cities for its small size in America.

If I was the UFL I would go to Birmingham for football but they might also be afraid of going into a area that has Alabama football and UAB football at the time of there season. But who knows what the UFL is thinking. What I do know is the Birmingham Stallions USFL signed Joe Cribbs away from the Buffalo Bills NFL in Birmingham's USFL days that memory comes to mind when I think of Birmingham. Along with the Big M Frank Mavohlich playing for the Birmingham Bulls of the old WHA.

The UFL is far from WFL, USFL, WLAF and XFL. It is a league that seems to lack ticket selling direction and marketing. And has poor taste in what a real professional football uniform and logo should look like. Birmingham at the end of the day might be better off because I don't see the UFL lasting more than a year or two more.

The UFL isn't like the WHA Birmingham Bulls with the late John Bassett or the WFL Birmingham Americans/Vulcans or Birmingham Stallions of the USFL. It is lower not for its play but the way they are running things in the UFL in my opinion for what it is worth. Birmingham if you want pro football go to the Arena Football League.

Because you aren't going up against the college game because it is in the spring/summer and the budget is more reasonable plus there are more teams in the deep south like Birmingham to have rivalries with like Huntsville. I feel the Arena Football League has a better chance than the UFL.

I want Buffalo myself back in the Arena Football League because the budgets are better this time. More like the old Arena Football League in the Kurt Warner days before the NFL owners and NBC TV got involved. Let's Go Buffalo
The above post is in my opinion and I have no proof or link. I am just a Buffalo sports fan.

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Old 03-02-2010, 03:01 PM
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Well we are in the beginning stages of building a new "multi purpose facility" or Dome. I'm not sure it will get built but it is going to be 57,000 to 65,000 seats, but that is probably too big if they are going to small stadiums. The real thing I want is NFL, but I know that is never gonna happen. The closest we have got was when a local doctor bid on the Minnesota Vikings and his bid fell short in 1997, and when the Panthers and Jaguars came in we were in the original list but came short there too. We had an AF2 franchise with Huntsville but it folded because no money. I was a fan club member of the Birmingham Steeldogs. I miss them so much.
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