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Old 10-06-2008, 04:54 AM
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Default Baltimore Mariners at Fells Point FunFest

Baltimore Mariners Make Fells Point Fun Fest a Port of Call
David Harrington|www.baltimoremariners.com

"I did not even know we had an indoor football team!" That specific statement was uttered by 3/4's of the attendees that stopped by the Baltimore Mariners' booth this past Saturday at the annual Fells Point Fun Festival. With over 3,500 unique visitors to the booth throughout the day, the Baltimore Mariners consider this specific outing a resounding success. The Mariners loaded their table with various items ranging from refrigerator magnets to plastic tumbler cups, all emblazoned with the team logo and website. The table also featured a full size helmet with the team logo affixed to it and an official AIFA league ball. These specific items definitely caught the eye of some of the cities biggest football fans.

The majority of the crowd was decked out in Baltimore Ravens attire and it was those people that Jim Hopkins, the Mariners' coordinator of football operations honed in on. Hopkins worked liked a ranch hand, corralling the Ravens clad visitors to the Mariners' table. He then proceeded to hold court and enlighten the masses to the game of indoor football. Very few strayed from the pack, and the majority of the visitors proceeded to sign up for the Baltimore Mariners mailing list, and entered for a chance to win two 2009 season books. This event occurred countless times throughout the day. "The Ravens fans are our key demographic. They have a deep passion for the game" Hopkins said. He added "they had no idea that there was more professional football to watch after the NFL season wraps up. And the tickets to our Mariners games are so affordable. Now they know and they are excited about it. It is a win/win combination."

Things at the Mariners booth really began to heat up with the arrival of some of the Baltimore Mariners' key players. Among the players in attendance was the league's top kicker J.R. Cipra, offensive lineman and 3rd year Baltimore indoor football veteran Faraji Mason, wide receivers Richard Johnson and Jamel Harris and defensive back Joe Taylor. It was quite evident that while many people were getting their first exposure to the Baltimore Mariners, they had already begun to embrace the team in their first introduction. The visitors lined up at the table for autographs and to pose for pictures with the players.

When asked about the success of the event, Mariners general manager Greg Justice said "The most amazing thing about the day was the fact that we were not rejected by a single person who stopped by our table. The people truly wanted to learn more about the team. We had so many people who wanted to sign up for the 2009 Mariners Kids Club on-site, but we were just not equipped to do so right then and there." Justice added "The success of our presence was a collaborative effort. First and foremost, our Director of Quality Assurance, Denise Stock and defensive line coach Bryan Milburn were there bright and early setting things up and they did an amazing job. Jim Hopkins and offensive coordinator Mike Moyseenko and the players all contributed to the success of the event as well. We really worked together as a team, and I am proud of what we accomplished."

At the end of the day, the Baltimore Mariners amassed a whopping 1,000 entries into the season ticket give-away contest, and over 600 sign-ups for the teams e-mail distribution. Before calling it a night, Greg Justice had one last task to complete. He had to draw the winning name of the 2009 Baltimore Mariners season tickets.

The 2009 Baltimore Mariners Professional Indoor Football team would like to congratulate Jeannette Halley of Middle River and her 15 year old son on being the winner of the 2009 season ticket giveaway. They will join the Baltimore Mariners at every home game at 1st Mariner Arena and cheer the team on as the set sail for the championship ring.
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