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Old 07-11-2008, 07:09 PM
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Default D-League prospects debate thread

Originally Posted by Pounder View Post
From the "what I believe based on what I know" department...

At center, Morrison over Iti? Hmmm... interesting. Of course, I'm not sure Iti isn't more of a PF prospect when considering NBA and D-League prospects. I've also got half a thought that Morrison could end up in Boise... just waiting for the guy to have some offense in his hands (if possible, a very debatable notion, which is why I wonder about that placement on the list). Meanwhile, why don't I remember Passos?

At PF, Matt Nelson... I want to see if he grows composure. I've questioned his brains, but he seemed to be on the WAC all-academic team, so he just "sounds" dumb, I guess. Too bad, because there's something to his game that's sweet... and other things I think he could develop.

Justin Hawkins v Reggie Larry... that's a good one. Two years ago, Reggie Larry (who, BTW, IS rather less than intelligent in class) was an interesting and seemingly undersized lad with some serious physicality. Good hops, good strength, keep him away from the free throw line. This season, out of thin air, the man develops a jumper (with RANGE, no less), heart, etc. An enjoyable transformation. I just wonder if he's really 6'7". I know Hawkins is smooth, I kind of question the order, but there's quite the debate... and I hope you all get to see Larry this year.

(...and that's an interesting dichotomy for me. Matt Nelson, apparently smart kid, sometimes dumb as rocks on the floor, while teammate Reggie Larry was almost the complete opposite. 'Twas fun to watch, sometimes in a sick sort of way.)

Hmmm, Bryce Taylor. It's been years since I've been able to use one of my favorite terms... STREAK SHOOTER. That's Bryce. If he gives a damn (he can defend), he'll make the show.

Derrick Low is my "are you sure he's really a point" whine for this year. I'm probably 50-50 on these observations. He CAN ball, make no doubt.

Yeah, Weaver and the other dude did most of the facilitating on that club, but where do you put him? He does not shot the ball well enough nor does he have the size to play the two (neither does Lofton but he is a better shooter than Low)

Bryce Taylor had a poor Senior year, a lot of people had him pegged as a 1st round pick after his Junior season. He could make an NBA roster if he were...meaner, had a nasty streak to him. You never know, Bruce Bowen used to be a nice guy until he was unearthed by Pat Riley. Maybe he can turn into a Roger Mason Jr type player. (Talking about Mason, the Spurs really improved in the baskcourt picking him up! Mason for 7.5 mil is a great deal when you consider Maggette just got 50 mil from Golden State, Is Mullin drinking again?)

Hawkins vs. Larry

I have Hawkins rated above Larry for the following reasons:

1-Hawkins attended the Portsmouth Invitational
and he improved during the course of the event.

2-Hawkins is a little taller (Since neither were invited to Orlando this is a guess).

3-Hawkins played well vs:
Duke - 16 points & 11 rebounds
Texas - 19 & 8
Louisville - 25 & 8 (Larry only went for 14 & 7 )
Therefore, when he faced top flight competition he rose up to their level of play. Larry's numbers declined vs. stiffer opponents.

Morrison vs. Iti

1- Iti averages more TO's than blocks
2- Iti has shot less than 39% from the line 2nd in his career.
3- He scored 4pts and grabbed 2 boards vs. Duke (He scored 2 vs. Texas)

Morrison scored 10 pts and grabbed 6 boards vs. Kevin Love and UCLA.
He scores, rebounds and blocks more shots then Iti.
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