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Old 05-18-2017, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by suge night View Post
Sam,your statement has some merit but here is the old man get off my lawn moment.

ALL that said, they're the most successful alternative league since the USFL because they actually played an entire season, actually had a handful of NFL-caliber players and were (actually on real television.) Sam Hill

Today 21st century thinking and material fact evidence, your phone is a computer,phone and television in the palm of your hand, its actual real television being viewed on it, and without going to deep the old model of TV rights from television is about to dry up, there is a model that could transform the way advertisers could benefit from online distribution of sports or any other entertainment outlet, sponsorship strategies are moving digitally.

Give little to no attention to the current offering's from minor league sports who should be the benefactor's of this early jump but have no clue of what is happening, they still are operating using the 19th century models even in selling tickets and revenue return, even the no fun league has moved into the online space but with that same 19th century model that will dry up and the Amazon's Twitter types will figure out what they are currently missing and flip the way media companies relate to sports teams when agreeing to broadcast events.

I'm not attacking your opinion on this just pointing out there's a way and its not based upon an outdated model.
Great post - Agreed

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Old 05-19-2017, 01:22 AM
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Point being: televising your "games" with one or two cameras, on Facebook Live, is not innovative. In fact, it really doesn't matter where the Spring League or these other leagues televise their games. They don't have a product worth watching.

The middle-aged audience and its buying power aren't watching football on their phones. And the Millennials won't watch these randos in whatever the next Brian Woods production is, even if you put them on their phones, because the product is crap and has no relevance to anyone but the players and their families and a handful of alt-football nerds.

So other than that, it's a great plan.

These alternative leagues are not in a position to take advantage of this huge revolution you and others seem to think is happening or about to happen. Because they don't have a quality product.

Their players are third-rate, their coaches are third-rate, their administration is third-rate, the have no history, no context, no tradition,nothing that makes people watch NFL football except pads and helmets.

You can put that on Twitter or Amazon if you like. But Twitter and Amazon are smarter than that, and so is the audience.
Old enough to remember when bashing the ABA was fun.
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