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Old 03-18-2017, 12:54 PM
4th&long 4th&long is offline
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Smile Reason for Dev or Minor/Alt leagues

From the players POV what can be gained by playing in SL, PacPro FB even Arena/Indoor...

NFL salaries are increasing as NFL income is increasing - $14B a team in 2017. The CBA requires x amount of NFL income to be paid in Salary. Estimates are for $167mm avg per team.


Team minimums are low but a far cry from a $10-15 hour job, which may be what many of these players are looking at as an alternative. One year on the NFL goes a long way.


Next is to see how the SL plays (or not) out over the next 5/6 weeks.


The other leagues have been mentioning alternative media - ie streaming without being part of a tv network - the 800 lb Gorillas are Amazon and Netflix.

This was the strategy for the SLAF (at least stated). PacProFB mentioned this as well.

Bottomline the NFL has a monopoly with the 4 nets - none of which will take on a new league easily without risk of PO the NFL and losing TV rights.
But the NFL is already spread thin, there isn't much room for a new Net to take on games. So Amazon/Netflix is the disruption that could open things up. A Dish is another possible outside option.

This alone may be a reason for the NFL to start a dev league, to avoid letting an upstart get national viewing access.


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Old 03-18-2017, 08:52 PM
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Access does not equal eyeballs.

You can put not-good-enough football on Amazon or Netflix if you like. That doesn't mean people will watch it. Again, stripped of historical context, the Omaha Burgers against the Shreveport Floodwaters is fairly meaningless and is unlikely to draw many eyeballs.

And stop with this CBS/NBC/FOX/ESPN won't touch another network for fear of "losing TV rights." There are only a handful of entities that can pay the enormous fees the NFL will continue to demand (and can afford to lose the money that comes with that in the early years of the contract). They also do it because they can use the high-visibility programming to promote their prime time lineups.

The reason those networks won't take on a competitive/developmental league is because people won't watch it, not because they'll anger the NFL. It's a business decision, but it's not about protecting their NFL investment. It's about an inability to get enough eyeballs on a competing league to make it worthwhile.

This isn't 1983 anymore, when the average NFL player made $130,000. You could compete with that. You could sign three straight Heisman winners. You could get guys who had played out their NFL contracts and were still good, or outbid the NFL for draft picks.

You can't do that anymore. You can't get players. And if some folks who take off work to watch the frigging Combine and the Draft want to watch Beaumont play Knoxville, that's not going to keep them from also watching the Bears and Cowboys. Not ever.

Not-good-enough players will not siphon eyeballs from the NFL.
Old enough to remember when bashing the ABA was fun.
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