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Old 06-15-2014, 09:11 AM
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Default 2014 Season Awards

MVP- Chris Dixon (Sioux Falls Storm)
Offensive Player of Year- Willie Copeland (Colorado Ice)
Defensive Player of Year- Tyler Knight (Sioux Falls Storm)
Special Teams Player of Year- Tory Harrison (Sioux Falls Storm)
Offensive Rookie of Year- Nate Wara (Green Bay Blizzard)
Defensive Rookie of Year- Pasquale Vacchio (Cedar Rapids Titans)
Coach of the Year- Kurtis Riggs (Sioux Falls Storm)

1st Team All-IFL
QB- Chris Dixon (Sioux Falls Storm)
RB- Keithon Flemming (Tri-Cities Fever)
WR- Clinton Solomon (Texas Revolution)
WR- Kyle Kaiser (Colorado Ice)
WR- Ryan Balentine (Bemidji Axemen)
OL- Myniya Smith (Sioux Falls Storm)
OL- Charlie Sanders (Sioux Falls Storm)
OL- Darius Savage (Nebraska Danger)

DL- Claude Wroten (Nebraska Danger)
DL- Kyle Jenkins (Cedar Rapids Titans)
DL- Adrian Davis (Nebraska Danger)
LB- Tyler Knight (Sioux Falls Storm)
LB/DB- Joe Thornton (Colorado Ice)
DB- Frankie Solomon Jr (Texas Revolution)
DB- Jamar Love (Nebraska Danger)
DB- Corey Sample (Colorado Ice)

K- Parker Douglass (Sioux Falls Storm)
KR- Tory Harrison (Sioux Falls Storm)

2nd Team All-IFL
QB- Willie Copeland (Colorado Ice)
RB- Laron Council (Cedar Rapids Titans)
WR- Samuel Charles (Wyoming Cavalry)
WR- Carl Sims (Cedar Rapids Titans)
WR- Jasonus Tillery (Colorado Ice)
OL- Rashaud Mungro (Sioux Falls Storm)
OL- Eddie Williams (Nebraska Danger)
OL- Rodrick Gladney (Colorado Ice)

DL- Eze Obiora (Sioux Falls Storm)
DL- Jordan Morgan (Bemidji Axemen)
DL- Brandon Rankin (Tri-Cities Fever)
LB- Pasquale Vacchio (Cedar Rapids Titans)
LB/DB- Pig Brown (Nebraska Danger)
DB- Jereme Green (Cedar Rapids Titans)
DB- Lionell Singleton (Tri-Cities Fever)
DB- Kyle Theret (Sioux Falls Storm)

K- Phil Welch (Colorado Ice)
KR- Robert Brown (Cedar Rapids Titans)
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