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Old 03-10-2013, 08:20 PM
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Default Potential All-League Players

Now that every team has played and we have been able to see the rosters with the updated transactions, figured it would be a good time to list the early favorites for All-League honors. Feel free to discuss which players have impressed you so far this season as well, and which players you expect to put up big numbers all season long.

First Team

QB - Jameel Sewell (Nebraska)
RB - Daniel DuFrene (Chicago)
WR - James Terry (Sioux Falls)
WR - Carl Sims (Cedar Rapids)
WR - Steven Whitehead (Tri-Cities)
OL - Mynyia Smith (Sioux Falls)
OL - Charlie Sanders (Sioux Falls)
OL - D'Angelo McCray (Nebraska)

DL - Xzavie Jackson (Cedar Rapids)
DL - Kyle Jenkins (Chicago)
DL - Jervonte Jackson (Nebraska)
LB - Maurice Simpkins (Nebraska)
LB/DB - Tyler Knight (Sioux Falls)
DB - T.J. Simmons (Cedar Rapids)
DB - Frankie Solomon Jr (Texas)
DB - Lionell Singleton (Tri-Cities)

K - Parker Douglass (Sioux Falls)
KR - Marcus Barnett (Nebraska)
Iron Man - Darius Savage (Nebraska)

Second Team

QB - Willie Copeland (Colorado)
RB - Laron Council (Cedar Rapids)
WR - Kayne Farquharson (Nebraska)
WR - Aaron Kapeliela-Higdon (Green Bay)
WR - Justin Helwege (Colorado)
OL - Courtney Abbott (Cedar Rapids)
OL - Maurice Robinson (Cedar Rapids)
OL - Mike Trice (Colorado)

DL - Courtney Daniels (Cedar Rapids)
DL - Dane Robinson (Wyoming)
DL - Marquis George (Colorado)
LB - Ameer Ismail (Chicago)
DB - Scooter Rogers (Texas)
DB - Rudell Crim (Tri-Cities)
DB - Jereme Green (Chicago)
DB - B.J. Hill (Green Bay)

K - Chris Nednik (Chicago)
KR - Mike Tatum (Sioux Falls)
Iron Man - Juice Williams (Chicago)
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