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Old 08-12-2006, 10:14 AM
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Default Sifting through the shifting flour...

Let’s try to figure this out:

Canton, a lock
Chattahoochee, not if you read the paper or watch TV there
Haines would love to hold the city
Danville- ??
Erie, a lock
Florence, new ownership group unknown
Johnston, a lock
Lakeland, why ??
Montgomery, apparently an infusion of cash for Haines
Pittsburgh, new franchise, league owner, a disaster waiting to happen
Reading, a lock
Syracuse, OSC boss, will this happen, I think not
Tallahassee, $10,000 for stadium rent – hope Mr. Morris has DEEP pockets
Tupelo, don’t know the Tech owner, bad history

Only four or five solid franchises at this point - Grade C-


Arkansas- wants to add a Missouri team without an arena- say what !
Beaumont- Solid franchise
Big Sky- outta here
Billings- Solid as a Montana mountain, but may move
Cincinatti- Solid franchise
Dayton- poor sister
Fayetteville- Pissed, may move
Florida- No way Jose, looking for soccer franchise
Greensboro, okay, not real strong
Katy- Solid
Lincoln- embarrassing
Palm Beach- even more embarrassing
Rapid City- Good fans, not as positive about ownership
River City- Solid
Tennessee- a joke
Tri Cities- rumored to be on move, battle amongst owners
Twin City-pitiful

If the northwest survivors leave, and Texans bail, as they ought to, Carolyn is in deep trouble. Really deep trouble Grade D


Rome- Solid
Raleigh- owned by Rome
Daytona- Solid
Augusta- Solid
Charleston- Where’s the web site ?
Huntington, Solid, but geographically challenged
Osecola- Solid

Needs a few more teams, hasn’t played a league game yet Grade B

Prediction – NIFL may not have more than eight teams, could fold
UFL will expand, as will IFL
Andrew the Magician somehow keeps AIFL afloat though there
are gaping cracks in the ship
WIFL still looking to fill out league, should be solid
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Old 08-12-2006, 10:40 AM
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Beaumont is far from solid. They play on a piece of messed up turf...Sounds an awful like Asheville or something. There was an article a ways back about the mess down there...
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