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Old 09-04-2017, 09:46 PM
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Default A quick look at the playoff teams head-to-head

A team can make the playoffs with offense but you win championships with defense (i.e. pitching in baseball)

Sussex VS les Capitales (head-to-head)
.230 Average, 53 runs in 17 games (3.12 / game), 8 stolen bases in 23 attemps

16 errors resulting in 6 unearned runs allowed
11 wild pitches

Starting pitchers ERA
Gianni Zayas.......2.35
Kody Kerski........4.50
Mike Tamburino..6.55
Kenny Roder........7.16
Billy Roth............0.00 (1 game)

Les Capitales VS Sussex
.264 Average, 84 runs in 17 games (4.94 / game), 9 stolen bases in 14 attemps

8 errors resulting in 5 unearned runs allowed
13 wild pitches

Starting pitchers ERA
Brett Lee....... .0.93
Lazaro Blanco.2.52
Arik Sikula......2.79
Joseph Maher...2.89
Karl Gelinas.....3.67

Jackals VS Boulders head-to-head

.264 Average, 119 runs in 20 games (5.95 / game), 15 stolen bases in 18 attemps


14 errors resulting in 18 unearned runs allowed
13 wild pitches

Starting pitchers ERA
David Richardson..3.18
Isaac Pavlik...........6.17
Andres Caceres.....6.83
Lee Sosa................7.94

Boulders VS Jackals head-to-head

.237 Average, 112 runs in 20 games (5.6 / game), 31 stolen bases in 35 attemps. Jackals catchers can't stop the running game. Could be the difference in this semi-final!

9 errors resulting in 21 unearned runs allowed !!!
26 wild pitchers

Starting pitchers ERA
Richard Salazar....3.00
Bo Budkevics.......4.50
Justin Topa..........6.46
Markus Solbach...6.57
David Fisher........9.00 (1 start)
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