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Default Universal Sports To Broadcast MLL Games

Mostly taped games, a decent amount of live games and the MLL Draft which could be interesting to watch. Also the MLL semifinal.

Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, and Universal Sports, the preeminent multiplatform destination for Olympic-related sports programming, today announced a partnership that will bring the best lacrosse in the world to the network for the 2010 season. Universal Sports first televised an MLL semifinal game in August 2009.

Universal Sports will broadcast 34 Major League Lacrosse games during the 2010 season, beginning on May 17, just two days after MLL kicks-off its 10th season. In addition to the regular season schedule, Universal Sports will also televise the Warrior Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft, LIVE from Yale University, on Sunday, June 6, at 7 p.m. ET. Also, as part of the 2010 Major League Lacrosse Championship Weekend Presented by Warrior, Universal Sports will air semi-final Game No. 2 LIVE on Saturday, August 21, at 3 p.m. ET.

"We are ecstatic about our partnership with Universal Sports, now allowing us to show every regular season game to a television audience, a true first for MLL fans," says MLL Commissioner David Gross. "Between Universal Sports, our other broadcast partners and web streaming, we feel that this allows us a tremendous opportunity to spread both the MLL brand and the sport of lacrosse to fans of the sport everywhere. Universal Sports has become a strong presence in a short period of time. In just two years of operation, they have made tremendous market penetration and continue to expand their reach."

The 2010 Universal Sports broadcast schedule kicks-off on May 17, at 6:30 p.m. ET, with a replay of the Denver at Boston game. The first live televised game is on Sunday, May 30, at 4 p.m. ET, when Chesapeake takes on Chicago in Pittsburgh.

The complete 2010 Universal Sports broadcast schedule is below:

Game Date Visitor Home Air Date Eastern Time

5/15/2010 Denver @ Boston Mon 5/17 6:30 PM

5/15/2010 Long Island @ Chesapeake Tue 5/18 4:00 PM

5/16/2010 Toronto @ Chicago Mon 5/17 4:00 PM

5/22/2010 Chicago @ Boston Mon 5/24 4:30 PM

5/22/2010 Long Island @ Denver Tue 5/25 4:30 PM

5/27/2010 Boston @ Long Island Fri 5/28 6:30 PM

5/29/2010 Toronto @ Denver Sat 5/29 1:00 AM

5/30/2010 Chesapeake @ Chicago Live 4:00 PM

6/4/2010 Boston @ Chesapeake Live 7:30 PM

6/5/2010 Denver @ Long Island Live 7:00 PM

6/5/2010 Chicago @ Toronto TD 10:30 PM

6/6/2010 MLL College Draft Live 7:00 PM - Yale University - New Haven, CT

6/12/2010 Chesapeake @ Toronto Live 7:00 PM

6/12/2010 Long Island @ Chicago TD 10:30 PM

6/19/2010 Toronto @ Long Island Sun 6/20 5:00 PM

6/19/2010 Denver @ Chesapeake TD 11:00 PM

6/20/2010 Boston @ Chicago Live 2:30 PM

6/24/2010 Toronto @ Chesapeake Live 7:30 PM

6/25/2010 Denver @ Chicago Live 7:30 PM

6/26/2010 Long Island @ Boston Live 7:30 PM

7/1/2010 Boston @ Toronto Live 7:00 PM

7/4/2010 Chesapeake @ Denver Mon 7/5 8:00 PM

7/10/2010 Denver @ Toronto TD 10:30 PM

7/10/2010 Boston @ Chesapeake Live 7:00 PM

7/10/2010 Long Island @ Chicago Sun 7/11 7:00 PM

7/22/2010 Chesapeake @ Long Island Live 8:00 PM

7/24/2010 Toronto @ Boston Live 7:00 PM

7/24/2010 Chicago @ Denver TD 10:30 PM

7/31/2010 Toronto @ Long Island Live 7:00 PM

7/31/2010 Chicago @ Chesapeake Sun 8/1 7:00 PM

7/31/2010 Boston @ Denver TD 10:30 PM

8/7/2010 Chesapeake @ Boston Live 7:00 PM

8/7/2010 Long Island @ Toronto Sun 8/8 7:00 PM

8/7/2010 Chicago @ Denver Sun 8/8 9:30 PM

8/21/2010 MLL Semi-Final #2 Live 3:00 PM - Annapolis, MD
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