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Default When will the MLL return to the west coast

I hope the MLL does but it will probably have to be multiple teams for it to work and it could be good for the Denver Outlawz as well.

Two centuries after Americans first dreamed of stretching their country from sea to shining sea, lacrosse is completing its own version of Manifest Destiny.

Washington, Oregon and California were among the 10 states with the greatest percentage growth of participants in youth and high school lacrosse from 2001 to 2014. Since 2009, no state has grown faster than Oregon.

So why have professional lacrosse's attempts to go west repeatedly failed? Los Angeles and San Francisco both folded their MLL teams after the 2008 season. Anaheim, Portland, San Jose and Seattle have seen NLL teams move way. The LXM Pro Tour was nationwide, but had its roots on the West Coast.

For one, simply getting players out west costs a lot of money. And for pro lacrosse to really take root, it helps to have players who live in the area, or at the very least can get there easily.
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