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Originally Posted by jwalters View Post
Guys I don't think you really understand Kentucky. Outside of the cities like Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro, Covington, etc. the people are poor and I mean dirt poor. The per capita income in the state is bolstered by the higher incomes earened in the bigger cities. People in Pikeville don't have the money for this. Folks in Owensboro do. The rent in Owensboro is about $1,200 per game with everything included. The Convention Center in Pikeville is an SMG managed facility. It will cost about as much to cover just their management fee as it will cost for everything in Owensboro. This is doomed to failure.
While there is poverty for sure in eastern KY, there is just as much poverty in the rest of the state including Owensboro. Pikeville has more millionaires (remember we are in coal country) per population than any other area of the state. Your assessment that Owensboro people have more money than the people of Pikeville is wrong.

I will agree that minor league sports often results in failure as we've all seen it many, many times. I just found the thread a year later and as Pikeville prepares to start a second season I noticed Owensboro is regrouping in the latest ABA scandal with the "Mavericks/Jason Smith" fiasco. Someone seeking a job in promotions for the Mavericks would have to certainly be lacking in common sense as it was as you say "doomed to failure".
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