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Yeah. The 'league' seem to be floundering at the moment with no sense of direction. They'll probably end up playing a shortened season this winter and try to regroup. The arena issues along with the struggling economy only make things more complicated. A 'bus league' is probably a good thing at this point -- its better than the alternative -- no league.

The verdict is still out on PASL-Pro, but its possible that 2-3 strong markets could emerge from this league. In a few years, we may see some of these teams eventually merge with what's left of the remaining MISL teams.

In general, I think for indoor soccer to survive teams need to take a page from the MLS gameplan. Teams should partner up with minor league hockey teams/indoor football/indoor lacrosse and build their own 4,000-5,000 seat arenas. Its going to require a major investment, but without their own facilities its going to be tough for indoor to survive.
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