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Default Will they play this year?

So Will they or Won't they play this fall? I would think that the MISL would need a commitment in place long enough in advance for all sponsors, television contracts, arena schedules, etc. to have a season this year. From this article, I have the impression that all of the owners have the attitude that they can put on matches without a league structure anytime that they feel like doing so since they believe that they are greater than the league; and that maybe so in some cities such as Baltimore and Milwaukee; but what about Orlando? Hale may think that the Blast can just schedule games with anybody in indoor soccer like Manchester United or Celtic now do in non-league games outdoors; but I disagree. The Blast are a great team, but what made them great were the fact that they were part of something more important...and yes, that did include the bottom feeders such as Orlando. The article leaves me with the impression that the current ownership in the MISL has no sense of urgency to resolve their issues and that this venture is Dead. They can just pretend that their franchises never really folded. Remember the USFL? Well, they never really closed up shop. They just never had a fourth season. Will this be the case with the current MISL? I hope not, but as time lapses, so does the hope of ever putting on a show again! I get the impression that the owners motivations and goals have changed. What happend to having a stable and profitable venture that will grow from a regional sport to a national sport as it once was in the mid-1980's? Until the MISL can sustain stability and grow beyond the Bus League that is now envisioned, then they can not expect a major network to offer serious coverage. Maybe they can talk ESPN to buy into them as ESPN has done with Arena Football to help grow the sport, but I do not see this happening without stability and a consensious among all ownership groups. The sad fact is that few people are now following this situation as the Summer moves into FOOTBALL SEASON. Need I say MOOOORE!!!!!!! Go OHIO STATE!!!
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