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Unless dulio addresses the questions about the finances and the lack of support from the commissioners office, and a just a general concern for the league improving, you will see more teams leave. Chicago, and Holland may be next.

The owners of this league are meeting without dulio, which is a serious red flag!!

The people that run Battle Creek, are some of the best people, in all of minorleague basketball!! This is a big blow to the ibl, and a big pickup for the PBL!

I am trying to inform you that the concerns I have, are not just me crying wolf. There are other owners in this league who have the same concerns, and even more, and dulio has not answered.

I have no ax to grind, I met him only once, he was polite , and he treated one of my players at the all star game great back then. I think he just has gotten comfortable, and has no need to put in extra work, as long as he is making his money. The questions is, are teams going to sit around and allow him to get away with it? Thank God, Battle Creek and others are saying NO!
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