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I understand Battle Creek is out. They are moving to the PBL. Gary, Elgin and now Battle Creek. You know something is not right, when Battle Creek one of the more stable organization is moving. What is Elkhart going to do. I think Chicago is even thinking about the PBL. Has Mike talked with Battle Creek to see why they are leaving.

I really did think this league was the real deal. From what I heard nobody from the league office even came out east during the season. Not even during the play offs. With out having face to face comunication with your owners, there is no league that will be successful.

I am sad to see Battle Creek leaving. I wish them the best of luck. They have great ownership. I really like there new coach as well. He has time for everybody. You can tell he has a passion for youth, and I like the way he teaches his players to care about there fans. Especially the kids.

Good Luck Battle Creek we will miss you.
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