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Originally Posted by DazedAndAmused View Post
Personally I have a problem with this (see my prior rants) because we end up with students who do not meet even the below average standards of other students at their respective schools. Bluntly, they have no business being at those schools in many, many cases. It makes a mockery of higher education.
I strongly agree and disagree with this at the same time. A lot of these kids aren't dummies. They have never been given the motivation to do well in school at any level. We seem to be on this kick of telling eighth graders you don't need to study and apply yourself, you'll be in the NBA by age 19 or 20.
The school I was talking about earlier (Bethel, Kan.) doesn't produce many pro athletes (about four or five football players, who played af2 and APFL; and two basketball players -- one who spent a season with the Kansas Cagerz of the USBL and one who played with the team that plays the Globetrotters every night). The same school graduates over 80 percent of its football and men's basketball players (and the administration looks at that as too low and is trying to push it up) and over 90 percent of its other athletes. Four teams had team GPAs of 3.0 or better. Three were better than 3.3. I'm not sure they even lead their conference.
Most successful athletes are very smart. They may not all have degrees, but most have the brain matter to earn one if properly motivated.
If you look at NCAA grade and graduation stats for all sports other than football, men's basketball and baseball, across the board, they are much higher than the rest of the student body.
Where this and the minor leagues intersect is, for the kid who has a chance to make a lot of money playing pro ball, (if they apply themselves in high school) college will always be there at the end of your career.
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