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Originally Posted by winds55 View Post
One game can't make a season. Gary got the All-Star game - with some proper marketing, it could have been a lot better attended than it was.

This just boggles the mind. Did he need a losing business to offset some capital gains for his tax returns or something?

Oh yeah! I forgot about the all*star game. Elkhart brought plenty of fans for their games with Gary, Elgin brought fans, Windy City, and I believe the Michigan teams brought fans too. Great opportunities to advertise the all*star game at no extra cost to the Steelheads. All wasted. Problem is that the Steelheads were counting on the city to help with advertising as the city has done in the past. The city didn't come through and the Steelheads obviously didn't have a sound back-up plan in place. Actually, the city has done its share. Years ago Gary bought that million dollar scoreboard for the Genesis Center at the bequest of the Steelheads. Bottom line is that no one in the ownership group took on the role of general manager. Boggles my mind also. Especially, since I know much more could have been done to market the team at minimal costs.
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