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This news, to this supporter/fan makes me feels something between sadness and as if I was treated unfairly.

After a dismal, paint drying 07-08 season, where it appeared management had already thrown in the towel, on and off the court and now, after hearing nothing since the end of the season from the team or league, no billboards, no newspaper ad, no community involvment, no new coach announcement, no positive offseason news to season ticket holders, nothing at all, the fans receive a letter in the middle of June that gives us 2+ weeks to raise 600 season tickets and we don't even know if their is a league or a move to PBL planned or what??? Then, the newspaper gets involved and the reports that the offer is graciously extended to the end of July. The only good news is prices came down.

But, for those from Albany, we know that the Timesunion article or spin or plot (whatever you want to call it) is never what it seems. This letter which appears to be either a "do or die" or "self fufilling prophecy for failure" is one of a couple things as suggested above.

(1) The CBA and Patroons are already dead and this is the excuse needed to blame it on fan support and not the other 200 legitimate reasons (we have all discussed here) why people stopped coming last year and why the CBA in its current form is a business plan that does not make ends meet.

(2) They are looking for a local business person with more money and heart than brains to come in, share the risk, pump in the cash and give the team another chance

(3) The Patroons are going to the PBL, they do/will have a enough tickets to operate in that league and they'll use this "letter response" as the reason for justifying the move to the PBL (remember, Albany is an Old and long term CBA town and that is what people identify with)

I sure dont want to lose the Patroons 2X in a lifetime. This time will be for good I am afraid. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted
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