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Originally Posted by winds55 View Post
I hope by "budget performance" you are referring to the league's management, and not the players. I've seen nothing but teams playing their best at all the games I've been to, both home and away. And the players are talented - maybe not big enough, strong enough, or consistent enough for the NBA, but talented and working their hardest.
Don't get me wrong. There are good players in the IBL. (No, they cannot match man for man against the CBA or other leagues as some others have tried to say in other threads.) There are also some players in the IBL who couldn't make it in the winter leagues. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a summer league and there is a place and need for summer leagues. Some of the better minor league players opt out of playing in the summer because:

1. pay is very little and they make more money working elsewhere
2. they're healing in the off season
3. there are better opportunities abroad in the summer

The IBL needs to avoid trying to compare itself with other leagues, concentrate on the niche it fills, and otherwise ensure its teams can meet their obligations. If teams can't do it on an IBL budget, then there is a serious problem in the IBL application approval process.
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