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Originally Posted by homeboypla View Post
Did you hear that the IBL Western Conference has Shawn Kemp Coming to the game on Friday. - I guess they wanted to charge per kid to increase attendance. (JK) It is a great idea and I will be there either way but that is a nice deal to see the 4 time NBA player at the Explosion Game as they put on a true class act in the week ran and orginized IBL.

Explosion ownership is 50/50 on coming back next year and does anyone think they should or jump ship to the NABL I guess. North Americian Basketball League.
Is anybody really surpirsed by this? These are not new issues to the IBL. Teams have had trouble. Teams play unequal numbers of games. They play in high school gyms. Players are paid little to nothing. Some players "tolerate" this because there is nothing else to do (for those who can't play in South America, PR, or abroad). Others work in the summer rather than opting for the IBL. The gaps are filled by other players who don't have the skills to play beyond a summer league. The IBL, right down to the prospectus, is a "budget league." When you are a budget league, you get budget performance. Nothing wrong with that, but don't seem surprised when these issues arise. Leagues need to be run/owned collectively by the teams, otherwise there will be constant questions of what the league "owner" is doing with league dues and fees.
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