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Ken - I see your points...and you may think Dulio is an OK commissioner.....but I can tell you this - he doesn't have the support of the owners. You can blame the owners, but I happen to live in a city that has a GREAT owner, knows how to run a class organization -- and still has a great deal of problems with Dulio, so is he to blame? I don't think so.

Sure, mistakes will be made, but Dulio makes the same mistake again and again -- and just plain doesn't learn from anything.

As for your $23K isn't a lot of money -- how much should a team have to pay to play in this league? I have no idea why it's so much? The pay the ref peanuts, the web site is so-so, they don't offer insurance for players -- so where is all the money going? And it gets even stranger when he won't report where money is going.....

Whether you like it or not....time is up for good ole' Dulio.
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