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Originally Posted by balling2008 View Post
Yes I am sure the owners have internet access but that doesnt mean as owners their input counts. Meetings via internet whatever would be nice I am sure. Low cost league is a unstatement. I just wonder what the $23,000 year league fee is for? Yes I have several emails from owners/Duil that he says not to pay players or coaches. As far as guys playing for free that is crazy!!! Exposure for free in a joke league is not a good thing. IMO
$23,000?!? Is THAT the annual league fee?!? That's not a heckava lot of money. Owners need to look within themselves for solutions. They might find the answers to some of their problems. I saw what happened in Gary this spring and simple mistakes were made. No one even bothered to ask season ticket holders to renew at the beginning of the season. A lot of season ticket holders that were around since 2000 did not renew (although pricing may have had something to do with it too). Simple errors like that and not using the video scoreboard to advertise.
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