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Originally Posted by balling2008 View Post
When a commsioner doesnt reveal his financial statements to the owners or have owners meetings that right there is enough for owners to switch leagues. These owners have no idea where their money is going. For a comminsioner to promote not paying players you will see a decline in talent.
Owners' meetings?!? I hope the owners all have Internet access. Email is a lot less expensive than traveling to central locations for face-to-face meetings. Isn't this supposed to be a low-cost league? Sounds like a lot of scapegoating is going on. If situations with other teams are similar to the situation in Gary, then ownership has no one to blame except themselves.

Has Duilio promoted not paying players? I don't know, has he?. I do know that one of the best players in the east (which means one of the best players in the league), slam-dunk champion Chris Wesby, has been playing for exposure only the entire season.
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